~Son of Rev. Benjamin Norris Hendon~

Benjamin Norris Hendon, Jr son of Rev. Benjamin Norris Hendon and Ally J. Clement is often confused with his cousin, Benjamin Norris Hendon, son of Aaron Hendon, because they were born about the same time and state.

Benjamin, Jr was born 12 Jul 1828 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. He married married Sarah Gilliland in Tuscaloosa County on 22 Aug 1848. Benjamin, Sarah, and their 3 month-old son, Thomas M. Hendon were included in the 1850 census of Tuscaloosa County. Benjamin's parents were living in the next dwelling and Eli and Elizabeth Gilliland, whom I suspect were Sarah's parents, were living two doors away.

Benjamin relocated his family to Newton County, Mississippi before 1860. (His father moved to Newton County about the same time.)

1860 Census, Newton Country, Mississippi:
Beng N Hendon 32 Alabama
Sarah Hendon 34 Alabama
Narcissa Hendon 9 Alabama (Believed to "Cicero")
Monroe Hendon 7 Alabama
Samuel Hendon 5 Alabama
Mary Hendon 3 Miss.
John Hendon 1/12 Miss.

Sarah (Gilliland) Hendon died in the early 1860s in Newton County, leaving five young children. Note: I have numerous death certificates for Benjamin's children which confirm the names of their parents.

Benjamin Hendon, Jr and Sarah Gilliland's Children
Thomas M. Hendon - Born Dec 1850, died before 1860.

T. N. "Cicero" Hendon - Born circa 1851. Cicero married Nancy Jane Oliver in Navarro County, Texas 25 Jan 1894. Nancy, daughter of John Robert Oliver and Mary Thompson, was born in Navarro County in 1878. Her sister Annie G. Oliver married Cicero Hendon's half-brother, Louis Washington Hendon. Cicero Hendon died circa 1895, probably in Henderson or Navarro County, Texas. He had one child, Robert B. Hendon, born 20 Nov 1894, Henderson County, Texas, died 13 Dec 1917, Bexar County, Texas. Robert was a soldier and died at an army camp during the great influenza epidemic. Nancy (Oliver) Hendon married second, Elijah Henry Campbell, in Henderson County, Texas on 20 May 1897. She died 4 Mar 1943 in Anderson County, Texas and is buried at Wofford Cemetery.

James Monroe Hendon - Born Apr 1853, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; married Mary Ellen Perdue, daughter of George W. Perdue and Mary F. Gray, in 1876.

In 1900, James M. Hendon and his family were residing in Eastland County, Texas:
James Hendon 47 AL
Mary C. Hendon 44 TX
Thomas L. Hendon 15 TX
William B. Hendon 12 TX
Emma Hendon 10 TX

Samuel Hendon - Born circa 1855.

Mary Hendon - Born circa 1857.

John Hendon - Born Jul 1860

James Monroe Hendon died circa 1925, probably in Fisher County, Texas. It is believed he is buried with some of his family at Mccaulley Cemetery. Mary Ellen (Perdue) Hendon died 3 Nov 1935 and is buried at Mccaulley Cemetery.
James Monroe Hendon and Mary Perdue's children
Mary Georgia Hendon - Born 3 May 1877 in Hamilton County, Texas; married James William Smith; died 1 Jun 1911 and buried at Mccaulley Cemetery, Fisher County, Texas.

Oliver Hendon - Born 8 Sep 1878 in Hamilton County, Texas; died 2 May 1898 and buried at Lane Cemetery, Eastland County, Texas.

Alice Amanda Hendon - Born 6 Sep 1880 in Eastland County, Texas; married Edward Hopkins; died 25 Aug 1965 and buried at Baird Cemetery, Callahan County, Texas.

Thomas Lee Hendon - Born 16 Jul 1885 in Eastland County, Texas; married Viola Griffith; died 1 Oct 1941 and buried at Mccaulley Cemetery, Fisher County, Texas.

William Benjamin Hendon - Born 8 May 1888 in Eastland County, Texas; married Lillie B. Watkins; died 26 Mar 1942 and buried at Austin Memorial Park Cemetery, Travis County, Texas.

Emma Jane Hendon - Born 24 Jan 1890 in Eastland County, Texas; married Louis Hopkins and James Frank Blair; died 12 Feb 1974, Ector County, Texas and buried at Dudley Cemetery, Callahan County, Texas.

Benjamin Norris Hendon, Jr moved to Texas in the early 1860s and married Lucinda Rebecca Perdue in Freestone County on 20 Feb 1866. Lucinda was the daughter of George W. Perdue and Mary F. Gray, thus the older sister of Mary Ellen Perdue, who would marry Benjamin's son, James Monroe Hendon, in 1876.

Benjamin was included on the Voters List of Anderson County, Texas in 1871..... "#1382 B N Henden"

Benjamin N. Hendon, Jr and family were enumerated on the:
1880 census of Hamilton County, Texas:
B. N. Hendin M 51 (Enumerator's writing was very bad)
spouse Lucinda Hendin F 38
child Cisero Hendin M 29 (from 1st marriage to Sarah Gilliland)
child Dora Hendin F 15 (f
rom 1st marriage to Sarah Gilliland)
child L. W. Hendin M 11 (Louis Washington)
child W. L. Hendin M 9 (William Lafayette 'Fate')
child T. C. Hendin F 7 (Talitha aka "Cumi")
child G. V. Hendin F 5 (Grace Virginia)

Benjamin Norris Hendon, Jr died in Apr 1888 in Hamilton or Freestone County, Texas. His widow, Lucinda Rebecca (Perdue) Hendon was living with her daughter Grace Virginia (Hendon) Oliver and family in Freestone County and committed suicide in 1893. A story in the Dallas Morning News read......"Freestone County, Texas Obituaries, Dallas Morning News, Jan. 6, 1893 - Page: 5 Burned to Death

WORTHAM, Freestone Co., Tex., Jan. 4 - [To The News] - Last night at the residence of Mr. J. C. Oliver, living about four miles from this place, after all the inmates of the house had retired, Mrs. Oliver's mother got out of bed, went out in the yard, saturated her clothing with kerosene oil and set fire to them. She was terribly burned, from the effects of which she died to-day."

Benjamin Hendon, Jr and Lucinda Perdue's children

Dolita "Dido" Hendon - Born 30 Jun 1865* in Freestone County, Texas; married Saggit "Soggy" Chancellor 28 Dec 1891 in Freestone County; died 1 Jun 1941 and buried at Woodland Cemetery, Freestone County, Texas. *Tombstone date could be inaccurate because parents married 20 Feb 1866.

Louis Washington Hendon - Born 12 Apr 1869 in Freestone or Anderson County, Texas; married Annie G. Oliver, daughter of John Robert Oliver and Mary Thompson, 14 Jan 1892 in Navarro County, Texas; died 2 Dec 1944 and buried at Richland Cemetery, Navarro County, Texas. Note: Louis and Annie had nine children, but only one lived to adulthood.

William Lafayette "Fate" Hendon - Born circa 1871 in Anderson County, Texas; died 15 Mar 1886 and buried at Cross Plains Cemetery, Callahan County, Texas. Fifteen-year-old 'Fate' was the only Hendon buried in Callahan County.

Talitha "Cumi" Hendon - Born 16 Sep 1872 in Anderson County, Texas; married a widower, John Robert Oliver, in Freestone County, Texas 23 Aug 1891; died 28 Feb 1947 and buried at Neches Cemetery, Anderson County, Texas. Note: John Robert Oliver and his first wife were the parents of Annie G. and Nancy Jane Oliver, who married Talitha's brothers, Louis Washington and "Cicero" Hendon.

Grace Virginia Hendon - Born 19 Feb 1875 at Cisco, Eastland County, Texas; married Josiah Cornelius Oliver on 4 Nov 1891 in Freestone County, Texas; married second, Z. W. Lassiter in Anderson County, Texas on 22 Jun 1924; died 10 Mar 1961. Gracie and J. C. Oliver are buried at Neches Cemetery, Anderson County, Texas. Note: Josiah C. Oliver was the brother of John Robert Oliver, who married Gracie's sister, Talitha "Cumi" Hendon.

Ivin Melissa Hendon - Born 19 Jul 1880 in Hamilton County, Texas; married Thomas Henry D. Powell in Freestone County, Texas on 20 Jul 1898; died 30 Jan 1967. Ivin and Thomas are buried at Pt. Enterprise Cemetery, Limestone County, Texas.