Obituary of Barney Gibbs Hendon

From the Knox City Herald, Jan.16, 1936

Stove Explosion Causes Death

Mr. B.G. Hendon of Nocona, Texas died Saturday in a Bowie Hospital from burns received when his stove exploded Friday morning. Burial was made in the Odd Fellow Cemetery of this city Sunday, following following services conducted from the First Methodist Church.

Mr. Hendon arose about five o’clock Friday morning. He went to build a fire and upon pouring some oil in the stove, the stove exploded and critically burned him. He was carried to the Bowie Hospital.

The deceased is survived by his wife and three children, also his mother and two brothers and one sister. Mr. Hendon was raised near Knox
City, where his mother now lives. He was well known and equally as well liked by Knox City people. He is remembered as having been a good boy. His many friends here are joined by the Herald in extending condolences to the bereaved wife and children and other relatives.

Jan. 23, 1936

We wish to thank the many friends who sought to aid and comfort us in the tragic death of our husband, father and son. His going was so unexpected and carried so much suffering with it that the need of supporting friendships are felt and valued. May we truly say, we thank you.

Mrs. B.G. Hendon and children

Mother Hendon and family