E. L. Hendon Family Bible

This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was Celebrated Between
Erastus L. Hendon of Emory, Mississippi and Francis Rosella Walker
of Emory, Mississippi on December 26, 1880
at The Home of the bride

Erastus Lafayette Hendon
was born Oct.25,1859
Francis Rosella Walker was born Apr.14,1858
Addie May Hendon was born Nov.9,1881
Claudie Jno Hendon was born July 28,1884
Thomas William Hendon was born Nov.7,1886
Minnie Lee Hendon was born Feb.7,1889
an infant daughter was born May 8,1891
Archie Hendon was born Sept.19,1893
Barney Hendon was born June 6,1897
Bert Hendon was born Apr.30,1899


Novis Debnam and Addie Hendon was married Aug.18,1901
Allen Smith and Claudie Hendon married Oct. 25,1903
Wilburn Hollis and Minnie Hendon married Oct. 25,1909
Thomas Hendon and Iris Winn married Nov. 6,1910
Archie Hendon and Julia Sutton was married March 7,1915
Barney Hendon and Fannie Williams was married June 26,1918


Infant daughter
died May 3, 1891
Bert Hendon departed this life Mar. 27, 1902
Claudie Smith departed this life Mar. 26, 1924
Erastus Lafayette Hendon departed this life Dec. 11, 1931
Barney Hendon departed this life Jan. 11, 1936
Francis Walker Hendon departed this life Oct. 28, 1941
Minnie Hendon Hollis departed this life Jan. 28, 1950 4:50 am
Archie Hendon departed this life Mar. 21,1971
William Thomas Apr. 11, 1979