Family records from the Bible of George Cromartie and his wife Mary Hendon White Cromartie
Bladen County, North Carolina

Note: Mary Hendon Cromartie was the daughter William Hendon & Mary Ann Salter

Griffeth J. White and Mary J. (Jane) Hendon were married Sept. 16th 1824
George Cromartie and Mary J. White were married Feb 11th 1834
Neill Graham and Elizabeth Cromartie were married June 25th 1849
William H. White and Caroline Gillespie were married Dec. 23rd 1851
James F. Gillespie and Mary Caroline Cromartie were married Dec. 2nd 1856
Alexander K. Cromartie and Katerine Ann Monroe were married Nov. 9th 1852

George Cromartie was born the 14 day of Aug. 1804
Mary Jane Hendon was born 14th Oct. 1808
William Hendon White was born 24th Sept. 1825
George Montgomery White was born 25th March 1828
Amelia S. White was born 1st day of July 1830
Alex Kelly Cromartie was born 1st Feby 1828
Elizabeth Ann Cromartie was born---

Margaret Purnell Cromartie was born Nov. 13th  1834
Mary Caroline Cromartie was born 7th Dec. 1836
Sarah Ann Cromartie was born 11 Feby.  1839
Amanda Louise Cromartie was born 31 March 1842
Miriam Liza Cromartie was born 17th April 1844
Emeline Cromartie was born 22nd Oct. 1846
George Henry Cromartie was born 9th April 1849
Walter Haggins Cromartie  "     "         "            "     Twins
Richard Bascom Cromartie was born 15th Nov. 1850
Alice Hendon Cromartie was born 10 May 1853

William Hendon departed this life 16th March 1824
Josiah Richard Hendon departed this life 2nd Nov. 1826
Griffeth John White departed this life 24th Dec. 1829
Margaret P. Cromartie departed this life Oct. 7th 1836
Walter Huggins Cromartie departed this life 1849

Mary J. Cromartie, wife of George Cromartie, departed this life
the 19th day of Oct. 1857

(The above is supposed to have been written by George Montgomery
White who died June 26, 1860)

The following was added by Mrs. Richard B. Cromartie:
Mrs. A. K. Cromartie died June 14th  1901
A. K. Cromartie died Nov. 1905
John D. Currie died July 16th 1901 b. Jan. 12, 1835
Miriam Eliza McFadyen died Feb. 7th  1907
Nannie Bizzell died Dec. 12th 1912
Caroline Gillespie died Oct. 1913
George Henry Cromartie Dec. 20th 1914
Cornelia Simpson Nov. 29, 1850, Oct. 11, 1931
Caroline White died Feb. 17th 1916
Henry Bizzell died March 15th 1918
Sarah Ann Graham died June 17th 1918
Amanda Louise Currie died Dec. 28th 1918
George Cromartie, Sr. died the 31th of May 1892
Archibald MacFadyen - Apr 6, 1836, Apr. 27, 1911
Alice Cromartie 1942
Sarah A. Clark Cromartie  6-18-1832, 3-5-1916

The above was copied from: BIBLE RECORDS BOOK, collected in Cumberland
County, N.C.; Published by Cumberland County NC Genealogical Society and
Florence Rogers Charitable Trust; Printed by THOMSON-SHORE, Dexter, MI,
1996, PAGES 26 & 27.