~son of Thomas Hendon, Jr.~

George Marion Hendon has been another ‘brickwall’ for Hendon family researchers. I think I’ve found a crack in the wall……..Recently, wonderful bible records for George and his son, John Thomas Hendon, have been sent to me by Jim Wayne Latimer, M. D. So, we now have accurate names and dates for their families. I have posted the bible records as well as a great old photo of George Marion Hendon elsewhere on my website.

George Marion Hendon was born 3 Sep 1821 in Morgan County, Georgia. I am convinced that George was the son of Thomas Hendon, Jr and Nancy Lambert.

Thomas Hendon Jr
Thomas Hendon Jr, son of Thomas Hendon and Cassandra Standifer, was born circa 1792 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He married Nancy Lambert, daughter of William and Nancy Lambert, in Putnam County, Georgia on 3 Sep 1820. Putnam County borders Morgan County to the south.

Thomas Hendon Jr and his father, Thomas, were enumerated in the 1820 census of Morgan County and the Morgan County Tax Lists in 1812, 1817, and 1818.

William Lambert and family were also living in Morgan County in 1820. Nancy Lambert Sr. and Nancy Lambert Jr. (meaning mother and daughter) were listed on the membership rolls of Antioch Baptist Church in Oct 1819. William Lambert appeared on numerous Morgan County Tax rolls until about 1848.

Nancy Lambert had become a member of Antioch Baptist Church in Morgan County on 11 Jun 1815; William Lambert joined the church Nov 1825. Nancy "Hendon" obtained her "letter of dismissal" on 8 Mar 1823. Thomas Hendon obtained his letter the very same day. When folks were about to move, they would get their "letters" from their church.

Thomas Jr and Nancy moved their family from Morgan County to DeKalb County, Georgia before 1840, then to Harris County, Georgia by 1850. Thomas Hendon, Jr. died in Harris County, Georgia in June 1850 and appeared on the ...U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880, Page 296*Name: Thomas Henden, Male, Married, POB – Georgia; For year ending June 1850; Est. birth year –1792; Age – 58; Cause Of Death – Chronic; Census Year – 1850; Militia District #19, Harris County, Georgia.

In 1850, the widow Nancy (Lambert) Hendon and her children were enumerated in Militia District #19, Harris County, Georgia :
15 | 661 #704 | Nancy Hendon 52 F W Ga
16 | 661 704 | Sarah A. Hendon 22 F W Ga
17 | 661 704 | Nancy E. Hendon 20 F W Ga
18 | 661 704 | Martha Hendon 18 F W Ga
19 | 661 704 | Epsilla Hendon 15 F W Ga
20 | 661 704 | Ann E.Hendon 13 F W Ga
(Note: Harris County, Georgia borders Alabama)

In 1860, Nancy appeared on her last census….Harris County, Georgia (presume she died there by 1870)
#599 Nancy Hendon (60) Ga
N. E. Hendon (30) Ga (daughter Nancy)
M. A. Hendon (25) Ga (daughter Martha)

George Marion Hendon, born 3 Feb 1821
(others could have been born 1822-1827, but died as children)
Sarah Ann Hendon, born circa 1828
Nancy E. Hendon, born circa 1830
Martha A. Hendon, born circa 1832
Epsilla Hendon, born circa 1835
Ann E. Hendon, born circa 1837

George Marion Hendon

George Marion Hendon, son of Thomas Hendon, Jr. and Nancy Lambert, was born 9 Sep 1821 in Morgan County, Georgia. His Confederate pension application clearly states he “was born in Morgan County, Georgia on 9 Sep 1821”.....exactly one year after Thomas and Nancy Hendon married, so he was their first born. I have a copy of the original pension application.

George married Rachel Amanda McCrory in Fayette County, Georgia on 7 Aug 1845. Rachel McCrory was born in South Carolina on 20 Feb 1829.

1850 census of Fayette County, Georgia

George M. Hendon 29 GA

Rachel 21 GA

Mary C. 4 GA

John T. 2 GA

Fayette County is three counties due west of Morgan County and borders DeKalb County to the south.

In 1860, George, Rachel and children were living in DeKalb County, Georgia (Panthersville):
#770 George M. Hendon (38) Ga
Rachel M. Hendon (31) Ga
Mary E. N. Hendon (13) Ga
John T. Hendon (11) Ga
Mousia Hendon (9) Ga (Missouri)
Martha A. Hendon (8) Ga
Epsa C. Hendon (6) Ga
Syntha E. Hendon (3) Ga

George Marion Hendon (photo) served during the Civil War and had numerous health issues as well as being a POW. From Confederate Archives…. Hendon, George M. --- private August 4, 1863. In Floyd House Hospital, Macon, Ga., with chronic diarrhoea May 10, 1863. Furloughed for 60 days from hospital. In Floyd House Hospital, Macon, Ga., with rheumatism and general ill health July 18, 1864. Furloughed from hospital for 60 days. Captured at Rough and Ready, Georgia, Sep 7, 1864, and sent to Camp Douglas, Ill., prison. Paroled there March 14, 1865, and forwarded to City Point, Virginia for exchange. Exchanged at Boulware and Cox's Wharves, James River, Virginia, March 18 or 21, 1865. In Jackson Hospital, Richmond, Va., with debility, March 22, 1865. Furloughed for 60 days March 28, 1865. (Born in Morgan Co., Ga., September 3, 1821.)

In 1870, George and his family were residing in Clayton County, Georgia. (Clayton County borders DeKalb, Fayette, and Henry Counties.)
#257 George M. Hendon (48) GA
Rachel A. (41) SC
Missouri A. (19) GA
Epsey (16) GA
George I. (9) GA
Margaret M. (4) GA

George and Rachel’s son Thaddeus Oscar Hendon died in May 1865 (probably) in Clayton County; daughter Martha Ann Amanda Hendon died Aug 1867 in Clayton County; and daughter Cynthia E. Hendon died in Mar 1870 in Clayton County. Rachel Amanda (McCrory) Hendon also died in Clayton County on 19 Jul 1873.

George M. Hendon married second, Dulcy Ann (Gunter) Wilson (photo below), in Clayton County on 13 Dec 1874. Dulcy, a widow, was previously married to John M. Wilson. No children born during the second marriage.

In 1880, George M. Hendon and family were living in Henry County, Georgia (Dist. # 486)

#218 George M. Hendon (58) GA
Dulcy A. (38) GA
Margaret M. (14) GA
William A. (8) GA
Maldona (14) GA (Dulcy’s daughter from first marriage to John M. Wilson)

In 1900, George and Dulcy (Gunther) Hendon were living in Dist. #491, White House, Greene County, Georgia. George Marion Hendon died on 24 Feb 1907. Dulcy Ann (Gunter) Hendon died on 26 Jun 1918. Both are buried at Greensboro City Cemetery, Greensboro, Greene County, Alabama.

Dulcy Ann Gunter Hendon --------->>

Children of George Marion Hendon and Rachel A. McCrory:

Mary Elizabeth Nancy Hendon, b. 4 Mar 1847, married Wareham Burnham 5 Jan 1865; Mary died 1 Feb 1902,
Clayton County, Georgia; both buried at Forrest Grove Cemetery.

John Thomas Hendon, b. 12 Dec 1848, married Zimruda Frances Gunther 17 Nov 1872; John died 31 Dec
1928 Henry County, Georgia; both buried at Moseley Family Cemetery.
Missouri Angeline Hendon, b. 23 Dec 1850, married Robert C. Abercrombie 12 Dec 1873; Missouri died
Apr 1928, Paulding County, Georgia; both buried Flint Hill Cemetery
Martha Ann Amanda Hendon, born and died in Clayton County, Georgia; 7 May 1852 - 25 Aug 1867.
Epcilla Caroline Hendon, b. 20 Jan 1854, married Leonard Doyle McKinney; Epcilla died 15 Sep 1927, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia.
Cynthia Exer Hendon, born and died Clayton County, Georgia; 29 Oct 1856 - Mar 1870.

George Ithama Hendon, b. 4 Jul 1860, married Mary Burnham 25 Oct 1880; George died 4 Apr 1937, Cherokee County, Alabama.
Thaddeus Oscar Hendon, born and died in Clayton County, Georgia; 7 Sep 1862 - 5 May 1865
Margaret Mabel Hendon, born 22 May 1866, married William D. Bartlett 14 Feb 1883; both buried Flippen United Methodist Church, Henry County, Georgia.
Olin Theodore Hendon, born 21 Jun 1870, married Agatha 'Agnes' P. Ford 6 Dec 1889; 'Ted' died 16 Aug 1949, Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia; both buried Hillcrest Cemetery
William A. Hendon, born 14 Apr 1872 Clayton County, Georgia, died 5 Jun 1884 Henry County, Georgia.


by George Marion Hendon

Towaliga Messenger, Vol. 1, No. 7, July, 1888


I feel inclined to give you some of the dealings of the Lord with my poor soul if I am not deceived. You can use it as you think best.

When I was about fifteen years of age I attended a meeting at Old New Bethel church, a baptist church before the division. I went as unconcerned as I ever did in my life. The preacher used a text in Ezekiel:--"Can these dry bones live." In the course of his remarks he used this Scripture "and said to the mountains and rocks, fall on us and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb." This question was presented to my mind:--"Will I be of that number?" I tried to ask God to have mercy upon me, a poor hell-deserving sinner, for such I viewed myself to be. My prayers seemed to avail nothing. It appeared that my condition, it seemed to me that my case grew worse, that my awful doom was unalterable. I could not see how God could remain just and be the justifier of such a poor sinner as I viewed myself to be. Thus it went on with me, until I almost concluded there was no mercy for me, I thought Jesus was the Savior of my parents and other good people, but could not be mine, I was too vile, worse than all, but felt if I was condemned it was just. So it went on from day to day. I went to spend a night with a good old aunt that had prayed for me; it seemed that her prayers and my parent's prayers were all in vain. That night at my aunt's I went to my room, I thought it was the darkest and most desolate place I ever saw, I thought that I should never come out of that room alive. I went to the bed and fell upon it saying, "Lord save or I perish." There was a space of time I have no recollection of. When I came to myself my burden was gone, all nature seemed new, and I was made to rejoice in my Savior as I then viewed Him to be. I did not, nor could I view Him as such before. My thoughts were to go to my mother and tell her what the good Lord had done for me. I thought of my associates, and believed that I could show them the way and plan of Salvation, so that they could see it. But before I reached home something said to me, "You are going to tell your mother something and deceive her." I never told her. If I am saved at all it is alone by Grace. I may in the future give a sketch of my travels in that time.

G. M. Hendon,

White House, Ga., June 15th, 1888.

[transcribed digitally from original Towaliga Messenger, Vol. 1, No 7, July, 1888, pages 8-9, original held by the Jack Tarver Library Special Collections, Mercer University, Macon, Ga., by great great grandnephew Jim W. Latimer, 2010]