An update with new information on his descendants

Perhaps it's best to review Harris Hendon's ancestors first. His lineage is:
Josias (The Elder) Hendon and Elizabeth Robinson
Isham Hendon, Sr. and Keziah Johnson
Robinson Hendon and Elizaberth Hartsfield
Johnson Hendon and Sarah "Sally" Scoggins

We know quite a lot about Harris Hendon, but some information is still lacking; namely, the identity of his first wife. Harris was born in Oglethorpe County, Georgia on 5 Sep 1804. Harris married his first wife, Mary, circa 1825, probably in Lawrence County, Alabama.

According to the 1850 census, Mary was born circa 1814 in Tennessee. Mary died, probably during the birth of her only child, Thomas B. Hendon circa 1827 in Lawrence County..

Harris married second, (Cynthia) "Sinthia Dean",
10 Mar 1827 in Lawrence County, Alabama.
 Some records indicate that she was born  8 Oct 1808 in Morgan County, Alabama, but I cannot confirm that.

Only heads of households were identified in early American censuses, so Harris was not included in the 1830 census because he, Cynthia and their first  first son, Andrew J., were residing with Harris' parents in Lawrence County, Alabama in that year.

In 1840, Harris Hendon was included in the census of Lawrence County, Alabama; six boys under age 15, one male (Harris) age 30-40, two girls under age 10, and one female (Cynthia). Then, Cynthia died 15 Apr 1845 (unconfirmed), in Fayette or Lawrence County, Alabama.

Harris married again, circa 1845
, a widow, Mary Elizabeth (Pelt) Roberts, who was born in Georgia about 1815. She and Harris had no known children. Mary was the widow of John Roberts, who was killed circa 1844. They had a son, Thomas Wiley Roberts, born in 1838. Harris Hendon apparently adopted the boy after his father's death. 

1850 Census,
District 8,
Lawrence County, Alabama
Harris Hendon                        45                  GA
Mary Hendon                          36                  TN
Thomas B Hendon                 22                   AL
John T Hendon                      19                   AL
Martha Hendon                       17                  AL 
William Hendon                      15                  AL     (William J.)
Wiley Hendon                         14                  AL     (Wiley J. )
Rebecca Hendon                    11                  AL
James Hendon                        10                  AL     (James A.)
Reuben Hendon                        7                  AL     (Reuben Hilliard)
Thomas Roberts                     11
                     AL       (Thomas Wiley)

Harris Hendon was included in the 1855 Agriculture Census of Lawrence County, Alabama, but moved his family to Cherokee County, Texas by 1860.

1860 Census, Beat 4, Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas
Harris Hendon                        56                  GA
Mary Hendon                          46                  GA
R Hendon                                17                  AL    (Reuben Hilliard)
J N Hendon                             20                  AL    (James A.)
Wiley Roberts                         21                   AL   (Thomas Wiley)

"H. Hendon" was included on Voter Registration List 1867-1869, Cherokee County, Texas.

1870 Census, Beat 4, Cherokee County, Texas
Harris Hendon                        66                   GA
Mary E. Hendon                     55                   GA

Harris Hendon returned to Alabama sometime after the 1870 census. Newspaper Notice: "Thursday, February 7, 1878, Tribute of Respect - Brother Harris HENDEN departed this life, near Danville, (Morgan County,) Alabama, January 19th, 1878, aged about 73 years. He was a Christian gentleman. He was a member of Danville Lodge, No. 95".

Harris' burial place is unknown. Efforts to locate his wife, Mary E. (Pelt) Roberts - Hendon, after 1870 were unsuccessful.
 Did she die in Texas or Alabama?

Harris Hendon's Children

**Child of Harris and first wife Mary:
Thomas B. Hendon, born ca 1828, Lawrence County, Alabama; died ca 1875, Navarro County, Texas.  Thomas married Ellender Jane Faulk in Henderson County, Texas about 1859. 

Thomas B. Hendon registered his livestock brand in Henderson County, Texas on 13 May 1861. Thomas enlisted
on 2 Sep 1863 and was assigned to the 17th Regiment (Moore's), Texas Cavalry, CO D as a 'blacksmith'. Thomas was included in the Texas Voter Registration Lists, 1867-1869, in Henderson County, Texas.

1860 Census, Beat 2, Henderson County, Texas
Thomas B Hendon             M           32    Alabama
Jane C Hendon                   F           37    Florida
Wm H Hendon                    M            0    Texas

*1870 Census, Dresden, Navarro County, Texas
T B Hendon                        M           44    Alabama          (Thomas B.)
S J Hendon                         F           48    Florida             (Elender Jane)
L Hendon                            F           10    Texas               (Lucinda Ellen)

*Last record found for Thomas B. and Ellender J. (Faulk) Hendon. Their daughter, Lucinda Ellen Hendon, was a teenager when both her parents died, so she moved to Barbour County, Alabama by 1880, where she was living with her uncle and aunt, Frank and Nancy (Faulk) Johns. Lucinda's mother was Nancy's sister. Lucinda married Albert Wright Faulk, Jr in Barbour County, Alabama on 27 Nov 1881.

Thomas B. & Ellender Jane (Faulk) Hendon's Children

William H. Hendon, born circa 1859, Henderson County, Texas; died by 1870, Henderson or Navarro County, Texas
Lucinda Ellen Hendon, born 10 Sep 1860, Henderson County, Texas; married Albert Wright Faulk, Jr in Barbour County, Alabama on 27 Nov 1881. Albert W. Fauld, Jr. died 5 Jul 1906, Henry County, Alabama. Lucinda (Hendon) Faulk also died in Henry County, 16 Jun 1917. They are buried at Old City Cemetery, Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama.

Lucinda Ellen (Hendon) & Albert W. Faulk's children:

1. Charlotte Jane Faulk, born Oc 1882, Barbour County, Alabama
2. Mable P. Faulk, born Aug 1884, Barbour County, Alabama
3. Nellie A. Faulk, born Jan 1886, Barbour County, Alabama
4. Henry S. Faulk, born Dec 1888, Barbour County, Alabama
5. Eva P. Faulk, born Mar 1891, Barbour County, Alabama

**Children of Harris Hendon with second wife, Cynthia L. Dean:
Andrew Jackson Hendon, born  Apr 1829, Lawrence County, Alabama;  Andrew married first, Caroline C. Harris, in Fayette County, Alabama.
Caroline was born about 1828 and died Jul 1880 (Township 15), Fayette, County, Alabama.

Caroline (Harris) and Andrew Jackson Hendon's children:

1. John H. Hendon, born 6 Oct 1856; died 25 Jul 1858, Fayette County, Alabama; buried Enis Cemetery, Fayette County, Alabama.

2. Mary Jane Hendon, born 8 Nov 1857; died 17 Aug 1873, Fayette County, Alabama; buried Enis Cemetery, Fayette County, Alabama.

3. William Andrew Jackson "Dandy" Hendon, born 8 Feb 1859; died 1 Aug 1942, Fayette County, Alabama. William married Mary Abigail Fowler on 23 Jun 1882 in Fayette County, Alabama. Mary Abigail was born in Alabama 11 May 1869 and died 26 Dec 1938, Bankston, Fayette County, Alabama. Both are buried at Philadelphia Cemetery, Fayette County, Alabama

4. Sarah C. Hendon, born 5 Nov 1862; died 19 Sep 1873, Fayette County, Alabama; buried Enis Cemetery, Fayette County, Alabama.
5. Margaret Isabelle Hendon, born 21 Feb 1866; married William Bedford Sawyer 3 Jan 1886, Fayette County, Alabama; died 8 Mar 1939, Fayette County, Alabama; Margaret and William both buried at Cleveland Church of Christ Cemnetery, Fayette County, Alabama

No children born to Andrew J. Hendon and second wife, Mary E. Deavours

**John Thompson Hendon, born 23 Apr 1832, Lawrence County, Alabama, married Susan Sarah 'Sallie' Wood 18 Nov 1858, Lawrence County, Alabama; Sallie died 30 May 1893, Lawrence County, Alabama. John Thompson Hendon died 22 Apr 1910.n Both John T. and Sallie are buried at Friendship Baptist Cemetery, Danbury, Morgan County, Alabama. John T. Hendon married second, America Ellen Gregory 10 Jul 1898. She was born 10 Mar 1862 and died 4 Aug 1843, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.

Children of Sallie (Wood) and John Thompson Hendon:

1. Reuben Bovell Hendon, born 28 Sep 1860; married Clara Blanche Hampton circa 1869, Lawrence County, Alabama; Reuben died 20 Jan 1929, Morgan County, Alabama. Clara also died in Morgan County 6 Jul 1943; both buried ar Friendship Baptist Cemetery, Danville, Morgan County, Alabama.
(Note: error! Reuben and his brother Joseph could not have been born three months apart)

2. Joseph Henry Hendon, born 25 Dec 1860, Morgan County, Alabama; married Sarah A. Wiley 24 Dec 1882, Lawrence County, Alabama; Sarah (Wiley) Hendon died 24 Jun 1895, Morgan County, Alabama. Joseph Hendon married second, Margaret Birchie McDaniel six months later, 24 Dec 1895. Joseph Henry Hendon died 3 Jan 1946 and his wife Margaret died in Mar 1968, Morgan County, Alabama. Both are buried at Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery, Morgan County, Alabama.

3. Mary 'Mollie' Hendon, born circa 1862, Lawrence County, Alabama.

4. Sarah Francis Hendon, born circa 1863; married Thomas Kelso Templeton 5 Aug 1883; Sarah died in Morgan County,. Alabana 21 Dec 1828; Thomas Templeton also died in Morgan County, 12 May 1930.

5. Charles Farris Hendon, born 13 Jun 1869; married Ida M. Crow 17 Dec 1893; Ida (Crow) Hendon died 23 Aug 1903. Charles F. Hendon married second, Velma Eason on 21 Dec 1913, Morgan County, Alabama. Charles F. Hendon died in Morgan County 21 Oct 1942. His wife Velma also died in Morgan County, in Apr 1986.

Children of America Ellen (Gregory) and John Thompson Hendon

1. Cynthia E. Hendon
, born 8 May 1899, Lawrence County, Alabama; married Audrey Lee O'Kelly 12 May 1926, Shelby County, Tennessee. Cynthia (Hendon) O'Kelly died 28 Jan 1949, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
. Aubrey O'Kelly also died in Memphis, in Oct 1966.

2. Hilliard Grady 'Hill' Hendon, born 21 Aug 1901, Lawrence County, Alabama; married Aulsye Stafford. 'Hill' Hendon died 22 Jun 1959, Santa Barbara, California; burial at Goleta Cemetery.

** Martha Jane Hendon, born ca 1833, Lawrence County, Alabama; married Samuel William McCollum ca 1858, Lawrence County, Alabama; died after 1880, Fayette County, Alabama. Her husband also died in Fayette County, 23 Apr 1889 and is buried at Enis Cemetery.

** William J. Hendon         SEE https://hendonfamilychronicles.com/williamjhendon.html

** Wiley J. Hendon, born circa 1836, (probably) Lawrence County, Alabama; married Alameda Francis Morris 20 Jan 1859,  Cherokee County, Texas. Wiley joined Company B, 14th Texas Infantry Regiment and was killed 1 Apr 1864, buried at Crown Hill Confederate Cemeteery, Indianapolis, Indiana. No further info on Alameda (Morris) Hendon or any children.

***Rebecca Hendon, born circa 1839, Lawrence County, Alabama.

***James A. Hendon, born circa 1840, Lawrence County, Alabama. Enlisted Company I, 13th Alabama Infantry.

***Reuben Hilliard Hendon, born Sep 1843, Lawrence County, Alabama. After the War ended Reuben traveled to Monroe County, Mississippi to visit his uncle Willis Hendon (brother of Harris Hendon). Reuben married Willis' daughter, Margaret Hendon, 11 Sep, 1866. Reuben and Margaret were first cousins, which sometimes happened is those days. Margaret (Hendon) Hendon died in Monroe County, Mississippi in Oct 1880.

Margaret Hendon and Reuben Hilliard Hendon's children:

1. Minnie Lee Hendon, born circa 1867, Monroe County, Mississippi. Other info ambiguous.
2. Laura Kate Hendon
, born 16 Mar 1870, Monroe County, Mississippi; married John Broderick; died 20 May 1926, Birmingham, Alabama; buried at Elmwood Cemetery.

Reuben Hilliard Hendon moved to Henderson County, Texas by 1900 and married second, Louisa Jane Jackson on 19 May 1901. Louisa died in Sep 1915 and is buried at Larissa Cemetery, Cherokee County, Texas. Reuben and Louisa were included on the 1910 census of Cherokee County, Texas, but Reuben returned to Alabama and died in Fayette County in 1917 and is buried at Enis Cemetery. Note: Reuben's headstone date-of-birth (1836) is incorrect - should be Sep 1843. No children born of the second marriage.

(Note) Reuben H. Hendon joined Company C, 3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment at Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas in 1861. From: "Texans Who Wore the Gray" by Sid S. Johnson: Hill Hendon, of Athens, was born in the state of Alabama in 1844, and removed with his father's family, Harris Hendon, to Cherokee county, Texas, in 1850.  He joined Co. C, Third Texas Cavalry, June 11, 1861, and was in the battles of Oak Hill, Elk Horn Tavern, Iuka, Corinth, Holly Springs, Thompson's Station, and with Gen. Joseph E. Johnston in the Georgia  campaign, until he received a serious wound in the hip in July, 1864, which disabled him for further service. He served with Whitfield, Mabry, Ross and W. H. Jackson, and made a chivalrous and daring Confederate soldier. He is now a citizen of Henderson county.