Son of Robinson Hendon and Elizabeth Hartsfield

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Elizabeth Hill Was born July 21, 1919
                                                   FAMILY RECORD

Hartsfield Hendon was          Julian Ragan Hendon was born
born March 16, 1805                       Nov 30th 1854

Elizabeth Hendon was           Walter Scot Hendon was born       born Feb 19th, 1809               Jun 7th, 1856
James Johnson Hendon        James Robinson Hendon was
was born Dec 9th, 1829          born Jul 31, 1858

Sarah Elizabeth Hendon             Mary Virginia Hendon was
was born 14th Nov 1851            born Nov 29th, 1860

Fortemous Robinson               William Abel Hartsfield Ebberhartwas born                              was born Mar 1st 1861.
April 8th 1834                                      Died Jul 7, 1948
us Anthony
Hendon        James Jackson Eberhart was 
was born Oct 22, 1836 
          born Jul 6th, 1863
Parthenia Susan Hendon        Gipson Eberhart was born
was born 
18th of Nov 1858.    Mar 14, 1866.  Died Nov 1929.
Died Dec 21, 1893.                                                     
Mary Keziah Hendon was           Mary Olive Eberhart was born
born Jan 10th, 1841                              Mar 21st, 1868. Died Dec 16,                                                        1896.     

                                 FAMILY RECORD

Hartsfield Hendon departed     Sarah Elizabeth Hendon
this life
on the 18th Oct, 1841   died Jun 19th, 1875

emous Robinson Hendon
   Howard Eberhart died Jun 4th, died Feb 27, 1857.                     1884.

James Johnson Hendon           Mrs.
Elizabeth Hendon died

died at Staunton, Virginia         Jul 26th, 1888.
Aug 15th, 1862

Mary Keziah Hendon died         Jacob Wiley Eberhart died
Dec 22nd, 1864.                         Dec 8th, 1892.

Sylvanus Anthony Hendon       Mrs. P. S. Eberhart died Dec.
died on March 10th, 1867.
              21st, 1893 at Wichita Falls, TX.

                Mary Olive Weldon died Dec. 16, 1896.

                Elizabeth Eberhart died Dec. 23, 1905.