Hendon Family Chronicles
~son of Robinson Hendon~


I wish I could provide positive additional information about Isham and his family, but without a Will, family bible, or other legal documentation, it’s very difficult to be absolutely sure about most family research. However, we must sometimes use the process of elimination along with logic and conjecture to achieve results. That being said, I am convinced the subsequent information is accurate.

Isham Hendon, son of Robinson Hendon and Elizabeth Hartsfield, has long been a mystery. Except for his marriage to Sarah “Sally” Murray in Oglethorpe County, Georgia on 5 Aug 1803 and the fact that Isham was a Captain of the Georgia Militia during the War of 1812, most researchers have had little to build on. Hopefully, the following will illuminate Isham’s family.

Isham Hendon was on the Tax Lists of 1801, 1804, 1806, and 1816, of Oglethorpe County, then included in the 1820 census with four males under 16, three females under 16, and wife Sally. 

By 1830, he moved his family to DeKalb County and was included there (age 40-50) on the census with one male (10-15), two males (15-20), two females (0-5), two females (5-10), one female (10-15), and one female (20-30) – wife Sally had died.

We believed Sally (Murray) Hendon died in Apr 1825, when her last child (Emily Caroline) was born. Sally was among the first buried at Utoy Cemetery near present-day Atlanta. Isham is buried next to “Sally Murry Heredon, wife of Capt. Ison Heredon, died 1825, first person buried in churchyard (Utoy) Primitive.” Nearby is their daughter, “Miss Sarah Heredon, Daughter of Capt. Ison Heredon & Sally Murry Heredon, Nurse, Utoy Church, CSA, July 1864, Battle of Atlanta, Died July 14, 1910.”

During the 1864 Battle of Utoy Creek, the Confederates established a field hospital in the area of Utoy Primitive Baptist Church. The primary surgeon was Dr. Joshua Gilbert, Atlanta’s first physician, who was assisted by Miss Sarah Hendon as a nurse.  Both Dr. Gilbert and Miss Hendon treated both Confederate and captured Union soldiers and are buried in the Utoy Cemetery with DAR and UDC memorial recognition

Isham’s tombstone was re-placed in the 1990s a Historical Society or similar organization. The stone incorrectly states that Isham was a soldier of the American Revolution. They confused him with his grandfather Isham Hendon, who fought for North Carolina during the Revolution.

I’ve been unable to locate Isham on any 1840 Georgia census. Only heads of households were named on censuses prior to 1850. However, an "Isham Hendon" was included in the 1840 census of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama; the lone male was age 50 - 60; one female, age 50 - 60; two females age 10 - 15; one female age 15 - 20; two females age 20 - 30; and one female age 30 - 40.  

According to The Utoy Baptiat Church records of DeKalb County, Georgia, "Peggy M. Hendon was dismissed by letter on 12 January 1839. (Apparently the second wife of Utoy member Isom [Isham] Hendon." Perhaps Isham did re-marry in the 1830s and move to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama by 1840. But, no 'wife' was included with Isham on the 1850 census of DeKalb County.  

The following Hendons were enumerated in DeKalb County, Georgia in 1840

Page 42, Dist. #722 --Thomas Hendon, (Jr. age 40-50), one male (15-20), two females (under 5), two females (5-10), three females (10-15), and one female (30-40). (son of Thomas Hendon, Sr. and Nancy Lambert)                       
Page 46, Dist. #530 --William Hendon (30-40), one male (under 5), two males (20-30), one female (under 5), one female (10-15), and one female (20-30). (Theory: oldest female was Elizabeth Hendon and her brother John A. Hendon was one of the 20-30 year-old males).

It is very probable that William was the son of Isham Hendon and Sally Murray. Based on the 1850 census of Georgia and Alabama, I believe William died during the 1840s.

While sifting through some old Georgia census records, I noticed “John Hardon” residing near Blackhall in DeKalb County in 1850. Furthermore, the next-door neighbor was Isham “Hendeson” and several females. As so often was the case, the enumerator mangled Isham’s surname! Unfortunately, that particular census is extremely difficult to read.

However, enlarging and magnifying made the names readable:

1850 Census, DeKalb County, Georgia, Blackhall Dist., Dwelling #35 
Isham Hendeson           (69)   GA   (indicates Isham born circa 1780)
*Sarah Elizabeth             (33)   GA   (daughter of William or possibly Isham?)
*Sarah                             (29)   GA   (daughter of Isham, she was a nurse)
Emily Caroline                (27)   GA   (last daughter born to Sally Murray)
*Sally                               (20)   GA   (probably a daughter William, granddaughter of Isham)

Note: Isham would not have three daughters named “Sarah” or “Sally”.

1850 Census, Blackhall Dist, DeKalb County, Georgia, Dwelling #36
John Hardon                (36)       GA    (I believe he was Isham Hendon’s son)
                             (26)       GA    (Amy Baker, daughter of Jethro)

According to these 1850 records, all were born in Georgia. We believe Isham was born in North Carolina and came to Georgia with his father and uncles by 1785. This record indicates that Isham was born circa 1781.

Note: DeKalb County was formed from Henry County in 1822 and Fulton County was created from the western part of De Kalb County in 1853. Atlanta was originally located in De Kalb County.

Elizabeth Hendon married Ambrose M. Haley just a few weeks after appearing on the 1850 census with Isham. Emily Caroline Hendon married John Ellis circa 1854. Sally Hendon married Archelus Melton in 1853. Additional information on them follows.

Children of Isham and Sally (Murray) Hendon

William Hendon

This William is very much a mystery, but is believed born circa 1804 (probably) in Oglethorpe County, Georgia and died 1840 - 1850, probably in DeKalb County, Georgia. The identity of his wife is unknown. In 1840, William was enumerated in DeKalb County, Georgia: William Hendon (30-40), one male (under 5), two males (20-30), one female (under 5), one female (10-15), and one female (20-30). William had at lease two daughters, Elizabeth T. Hendon. (see below) and Sally Hendon: Sally Hendon was born in Georgia circa 1830. 'Sally Hendon' was living with her grandfather Isham in DeKalb County, Georgia in 1850. Sally married Archelus Melton on 10 Apr 1853 in DeKalb County, Georgia. In 1880, Sally (51) and Archelus Melton (51) were living in Cobb County, Georgia with their eight children: Joseph J. (20) and Margaret (20)…twins; Eliza (17); Nancy C. (15); Daniel B. (18); Laura L. (16); Emily E. (8); and David A. (4). “Archy” Melton was “widowed” on the 1900 census of Cobb County, so Sally had died 1880-1900.

Sarah A. Hendon

Sarah A. Hendon, daughter of Isham Hendon and Sally Murray, was born Apr 1823 in DeKalb County, Georgia. She lived with her sister, Emily and John Ellis in 1860, when they resided in Fulton County, Georgia; in 1870, in DeKalb County, Georgia; in 1880, in Fulton County, Georgia; and in 1900, Sarah was with John and Emily in Polk County. On that particular census, Sarah is labeled John Ellis’ “sis-in-law” -- another reason I am convinced that Sarah and Emily were the daughters of Isham Hendon and Sally Murray. Sarah died in Fulton County, Georgia 14 Jul 1910 and is buried at Utoy Primitive Church Cemetery. Sarah never married and had no issue.

Emily Caroline Hendon

Sarah's sister, Emily Caroline Hendon, daughter of Isham Hendon and Sally Murray, was born in Apr 1826, DeKalb County, Georgia. Emily married John Ellis circa 1854 in DeKalb County, Georgia. Emily and John eventually settled in Polk County, Georgia. John Ellis died there on 5 Aug 1905. Emily (Hendon) Ellis also died in Polk County 27 Oct 1910. Both John and Emily Caroline (Hendon) Ellis are buried at Utoy Primitive Church Cemetery, Fulton County, Georgia. Their Children: Lucinda, born circa 1856; Isham A., born circa 1857; Sarah A., born Nov 1859; and Laura E., born circa 1863.

John A. Hendon

John A. Hendon, (probably) the son of Isham Hendon and Sally Murray, was born circa 1815 (probably) in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He married Amy Baker in DeKalb County, Georgia on 14 Dec 1846. Amy, daughter of Jethro and Lourunia(?) Baker, was born in Georgia on 12 Jul 1830. 

In 1840, Jethro Baker was a next-door neighbor of William Hendon. Jethro Baker was enumerated on page 44, Dist 530. Jethro and his wife had two males and three females in the household and it appears that Amy was the eldest child.

John and Amy (Baker) Hendon left DeKalb County after 1850 and moved to Randolph County, Alabama where they were included on the

1860 census, Randolph County, Alabama, Southern Division, “Wedowee”:
John A. Hendon      (43)       GA
Malaki                      (9)       GA
Meridith L.              (8)        GA         (Amy had a brother named “Meredith”)
Eliza W.                   (6)        GA
Sarah E.                   (3)        GA
Lucinda                    (1)        GA

Like so many older southern men, 47-year-old John A. Hendon enlisted as a private in Jefferson Faulkner's Mounted Infantry, Randolph County Reserves in Nov 1864.

In 1870, John and his growing family were back in DeKalb County, Georgia, at “Panthersville”:
John A. Hendon       (57)      GA
Amy                       (41)      GA
Malechiah               (18)      GA
Meredith L.             (17)       GA
Sarah A.                 (14)      GA
Lucinda                  (11)      GA
Isham                      (8)      GA
John F.                    (6)       GA

By 1880, Ever- restless John and Amy had moved back to Alabama, this time settling in Cherokee County:
J. Hendon              (66)       Ga
Amey Hendon         (50)       Ga
Sarah Hendon        (20)       Ga
Lucinda Hendon     (18)       Ga
Isom Hendon         (16)       Ga
John Hendon         (14)       Ga

John A. Hendon died after 1880. According to Confederate archives, he is buried at Wehadkee Cemetery in nearby Randolph County.

In 1900, Amy (Baker) Hendon was enumerated in Etowah County, Alabama. She was 68 years old, was labeled ‘pauper’, and living in a “county poor home.” Amy’s daughter, Lucinda (Hendon) Meeks, was also in Etowah County. Amy died on 17 Mar 1905 and is buried at Nazareth Cemetery, Cherokee County, Alabama.

John A. Hendon and Amy Baker’s Children

Malachi Reaves Hendon, son of John A. Hendon and Amy Baker, was born in DeKalb County, Georgia on 9 Sep 1850. He married Cora Tallulah Gibbs on 27 Dec 1888. In 1900, Malachi and Cora were living in Cullman County, Alabama with children: Grover, born Oct 1889; Maude, born May 1892; and Emma, born Feb 1894. Malachi Hendon died in Birmingham, Alabama on 21 Feb 1917.

Meredith Lon Hendon, son of John A. Hendon and Amy Baker, was born in DeKalb County, Georgia on 22 Jun 1852. He married Luvadia Georgia Carroll in 1880. In 1900, Lon and Georgia resided in Cherokee County, Alabama with their children: Marion Lafayette, born Jun 1885 and Rosa E., born Oct 1895. “Lon” Hendon died in Floyd County, Georgia in 1925. Both he and Georgia are buried at Vanns Cemetery.

Eliza W. Hendon, daughter of John A. Hendon and Amy Baker, was born circa 1854 in Randolph County, Alabama. (no additional info)

Sarah A. Hendon, daughter of John A. Hendon and Amy Baker, was born circa 1857 in Randolph County, Alabama. (no additional info)

Lucinda Frances Hendon, daughter of John A. Hendon and Amy Baker, was born in Randolph County, Alabama in Mar 1860. She married George Washington Meeks on 28 Jan 1883 in Calhoun County, Alabama. In 1900, Lucinda and George Meeks were residing in Etowah County, Alabama with their children: Noah W., born Jul 1885; Leana, born Dec 1886; Abigail, born Jul 1888, Frank, born Nov 1889; Richard M., born Jul 1891; Willis H., born Aug 1893; and Leon, born Jan 1895. Lucinda (Hendon) Meeks died on 3 Apr 1934 in Marshall County, Alabama.

Isham Hendon, son of John A. Hendon and Amy Baker, was born circa 1862 in Randolph County, Alabama. (no additional info after 1880)

John F. Hendon, son of John A. Hendon and Amy Baker, was born in Mar 1865 in Randolph County, Alabama. John married Sallie M. Turner in 1895. They were enumerated without any children on the 1900 census of Calhoun County, Alabama.

 Elizabeth Hendon

Elizabeth Hendon, (probably) the daughter of William Hendon, was born in Georgia circa 1817. She married a widower, Ambrose M. Haley, in DeKalb County, Georgia on 6 Nov 1850. Ambrose Haley was included in the 1840 census of DeKalb County, page 45, Dist. #530, so he was also a neighbor of the Hendons. In 1850, Ambrose was among the residents of “Stones” in DeKalb County. His household included seven children from his marriage to the deceased Lucinda Riley.

By 1860, Elizabeth and Ambrose had moved to Randolph County, Alabama, where their household included ten children. Some were from Ambrose’s first marriage and three appear to be Ambrose’s grandchildren. Also present were Ambrose and Elizabeth’s children: Allen J. Haley (9); Caroline W. Haley (7); and John H. Haley (2).

Ambrose and Elizabeth moved again by 1870, when they were included on the census of Heard County, Georgia. Ambrose and Elizabeth made their final move to Cleburne County, Alabama by 1880. Ambrose was 78 and Elizabeth was 63. Two of their children, Caroline and John, were in the household.

Both Ambrose and Elizabeth died in Cleburne County; he on 8 Aug 1886, her on 18 Dec 1887.  Their burial places are unknown at this time.


Allen Johnson Haley, son of Elizabeth Hendon and Ambrose M. Haley, was born on 16 Sep 1851 in DeKalb County, Georgia. Allen married Sarah M. Prestridge in Cleburne County, Alabama on 14 Oct 1875. Sarah died in Cleburne County in 1933; Allen J. Haley died on 27 Oct 1942 at East Point, Georgia. Both are buried at Heflin City Cemetery, Cleburne County, Alabama. Children: Lula, 30 Aug 1876 – 24 Dec 1903; William A., 1878 - 8 Sep 1937; Andrew Duke, 21 Feb 1880 - 21 Sep 1936; and Nannie L., 6 Apr 1888 - 13 Dec 1907.

In 1928, The Cleburne News featured a story about Allen J. Haley: RELICS OWNED BY HEFLIN'S MAYOR (photo of A.J. Haley shown) Mayor A. J. Haley of Heflin has in his possession two relics that have the combined age of 226 years. In "Squire" Haley's right hand the reader will see a cow's horn that his grandfather *William Hindon* picked up at a slaughter-pen in Henry County, Ga in 1812 and is now 116 years old. In the Mayor's left hand is shown a stick, while not able to "toot" as loud as the horn in age, it was cut in 1818 on the Yellow River in Henry County, Ga by Ambros Haley, A. J. Haley's paternal grandfather. The walking stick is 110 years old. These dear old relics are not for sale and the Mayor hopes to keep them in the family for years and years to come.

Mayor Haley, age 77, has been a resident of Cleburne County since 1874 and has been living in Heflin for 38 years. He is widely known over the county. He served as county tax assessor and treasurer one term in each office, besides being assistant clerk 12 years under former Assessors W.M. Evans and W.F. Groover. In his young manhood days, Mr. Haley taught school in Georgia, Marshall and Cleburne Counties, Ala. Among the school books he taught was the well-known Blue Back Speller. Squire Haley is serving his third term as Mayor of Heflin; he said Monday that he did not expect to "throw his hat into the ring" at the next town election. But his friends will see more about this "expect" proposition later in the summer. Allen Haley led an interesting life as a laborer, school teacher, tax collector, and Mayor of Heflin, Alabama.

(*Another reason I’m so confident about the information on Allen J. Haley’s mother, Elizabeth Hendon.*)

In 1931, another article appeared in the local newspaper and I thought it is interesting. "The Cleburne News", Heflin, Cleburne Co., Alabama, Issue of Thursday,

September 24, 1931………………………………HEFLIN CITIZEN, 80, TELLS OF THE PAST

A sketch of my life -- I was born in DeKalb County, Ga., Sept. 16, 1851. My father moved to Alabama when I was a small boy; later on, the Civil War came up; my father furnished four boys to the "lost cause." We moved to Franklin, Heard County, Ga. My schooling was limited. In those days we had no schools, we had to work to make a living; all I learned was over a pine knot fire after a hard days work on the farm. In 1873, I entered what was then a high school. I spent seven months in that school. In 1874, I came to Wood's copper mines in Cleburne county. I worked at the mines until July 1, 1875 at 80 cents per day. I then took up an eight months' school at Stone Hill and on Oct. 14, 1875, married the best woman in the world. We had born to us six children, two boys and four girls. I taught school and farmed a number of years. On Oct. 6, 1880 we moved to Heflin, where I have been for 41 years. I sent all six of my children to school here until they were grown; lost two of the girls.

When I came to Heflin, I worked for Bob Smith for three years, then for Morgan & Perryman Bros. I then went to weighing cotton and loading guano, worked at that for 12 years. In 1910, I was selected Tax Assessor for Cleburne county and served four years; then I served eight years as Deputy Tax Assessor for W.M. Evans four years and for W.F. Groover four years. Then I was elected County Treasurer for Cleburne and served one year, then I was elected Major of Heflin and was elected the third time in succession and since then I have been helping the boys (do nothing). Last Wednesday, the 16th, I passed the 80th mile post. I am just standing on the bank of the river waiting to cross over and rest in the shade of the trees.

A. J. Haley

From: The Cleburne News, Issue of Thursday, October 29, 1942

A. J. HALEY PASSES AT HOME OF DAUGHER -- News of the death of A. J. (Grandpa) Haley was received with sadness by his many friends in Heflin and Cleburne County, Tuesday morning. He passed away at the home of a daughter Mrs. W. H. Ector at East Point, Ga. Mr. Haley was 91 and had lived in Heflin many years before making his home in Georgia some two or three years ago.


Caroline W. Haley, daughter of Elizabeth Hendon and Ambrose M. Haley, was born in DeKalb County, Georgia on 20 Oct 1853. Caroline never married and died at Birmingham, Alabama on 10 Jan 1924. She is buried at Red Apple Baptist Church Cemetery, Marshall County, Alabama.

From: "The Cleburne News", Heflin, Cleburne County, Alabama, Issue of Thursday, January 17, 1924


Caroline Haley was born in DeKalb County, Georgia in 1853, and departed this life in Birmingham on January 10, 1924, age 70 years. She was never married and lived with her father and mother until their death many years ago, after which she made her home with her brother J. H. Haley at Boaz, Ala., and helped to train his boys. After her brother's wife's death she went to live with her nephew, A.W. Haley at Boaz and when he moved to Birmingham she went with the family to that city.

Sister was always attentive to the household affairs, kind and unassuming, never visited a great deal. She never enjoyed good health but she never complained. She was a consistent and faithful member of the Missionary Baptist Church. Weep not, dear ones, for we believe though we are sad, today our precious sister is enjoying that reward that is promised to those who hold out faithful to the end and is with the redeemed, and has joined father and mother and brothers and sisters who have lo0ng sense gone. She leaves two brothers (A.J. and John H.), one half- sister (Margaret Haley Inman) and a host of nephews and nieces to mourn her death. So farewell dear sister, for a little while.

~~ A.J. Haley, Heflin, Ala. (Allen Johnson Haley) Additional Comments: Daughter of Ambrose M. Haley & 2nd wife, Elizabeth Hendon.


John H. Haley, son of Elizabeth Hendon and Ambrose M. Haley, was born in Randolph County, Alabama on 3 Feb 1859. John married Mary Alice Bachus in Etowah County, Alabama on 7 Nov 1886. Mary died in Marshall County, Alabama on 3 Feb 1908. John H. Haley, a minister, also died in Marshall County on 18 Dec 1935. They are buried at Red Apple Baptist Church Cemetery. Children: Ambrose W., born Sep 1887; John R., born 14 Mar 1889; and Claude A., born Jul 1895.