Courtesy of Aubrey Morris, great great great grandson

   Thursday, Feb. 27, 1845

Departed this life, in Watkinsville, on Friday evening, the 14th. of February, Capt. JAMES HENDON, in the 61st. year of his age. The deceased was, at the time of his death, Deputy Sheriff of Clark County, which Office, with the Office of Sheriff, he had filled for "nearly thirty years, to
the satisfaction of all. Prompt and firm, almost to sternness, yet mild and merciful in the discharge of his official duties, either plaintiff or defendant had cause for complaint ...honest as any man that ever lived, although nearly two millions of dollars passed through his hands,
he was never ruled for a dollar to compel payment, never speculated on public funds, or enriched himself at the expense of others...a model officer he has passed from the sphere of his usefulness, leaving a bright example for the imitation of his successors in office.
In private life,
he was an honest, independent and worthy citizen, a kind father, and an indulgent master ---he lived universally respected, and died as universally regretted.

   Superior Court, February Term, 1845.

The Superior Court, now in session, having been informed of the death of Capt. James Hendon, for twenty eight years the Sheriff Or Deputy Sheriff of this county - - - who performed his official duties to the entire satisfaction of the court and the public - - who was never, by any compulsory process of the court, required to discharge his duty - - whose decease is felt as a public calamity, and who, by his promptness
and firmness in his Office, secured the confidence of his his fellow-citizens to an extent attained by very few men in that difficult and responsible post: The Court and Bar, out of respect to the
menory of the deceased, adopt the following resolution:

                                             Resolved, That this Court and Bar deeply lament the death of Capt. James Hendon, and sympathise
                                             with his relatives and friends, and the citizens of the County.

                                             Resolved, That this paper be entered on the minutes, and that the Clerk furnish a copy to the children
                                             of the deceased.

A true extract from the minutes of said court, this 22nd day of February, 1845.

(signed) John Calvin Johnson, Clerk.