James William Hendon

son of Robert Houston Hendon

While writing my book, Hendon Family Chronicles, I inadvertently omitted information about James William Hendon and his family.

James W. Hendon, son of Robert Houston Hendon and Mary Elizabeth Hughes, was born (probably) in Winston County, Alabama on 22 Aug 1860. He married Mary Laura Ann Burrell in 1879. Mary was the daughter of Thomas Burrell and Martha Jane Smith.

The newlyweds were included on the 1880 Census of Winston County, Alabama, Beat 8
James W. Hendon                                    self        M      age 19            Alabama
Mary Laura A. Hendon                             wife       F       age 19            Alabama

On the 1900 Census, Precincts 5 and 9, Dismal, Crossroads, Winston County, Alabama
James Hendon                                        Head       M            39            Alabama
May L Hendon                                         Wife        F             39            Alabama
Mary S Hendon                                       Daug.      F             20            Alabama
Martha Hendon                                       Daug.      F             18            Alabama
James H Hendon                                    Son         M             14            Alabama
Louisey J Hendon                                  Daug.      F              11            Alabama   (Louise)
Clemtine Hendon                                   Daug.       F               8            Alabama   (Clementine)
David A Hendon                                     Son         M               6            Alabama
Ider Hendon                                            Daug.      F               5             Alabama   (Ida)

1910 Census of Dismal, Winston County, Alabama
James W Hendon                                   Head       M              49             Alabama
Mary L Hendon                                       Wife        F              49             Alabama
Martha A Hendon                                   Daug.      F              27             Alabama
Henry Hendon                                         Son        M              23            Alabama   (James Henry)
Andrew Hendon                                      Son        M              17            Alabama   (David Andrew)
Ida Hendon                                             Daug.      F              14             Alabama
Sanford Hendon                                     Son         M               9             Alabama   (Roy Sanford)

Children of James William Hendon

Mary S. Hendon - born Jul 1880, Winston County, Alabama. Mary married William T. Ward on 2 Dec 1900, Winston County, Alabama. William
T. Ward was the son of James and Rebecca Ward of Winston County, Alabama. The 1920 Census of Zion, Walker County, Alabama
reveals that William and Mary were childless. No info for Mary Hendon Ward after 1920. However, William Ward did marry Janie L Cook on 9 Dec 1934, Cullman County, Alabama. Therefore, Mary S. (Hendon) Ward died before 1934. No children

Martha A. Hendon - born
17 Apr 1882, Winston County, Alabama. Martha married Joseph Grady Nunnelly in Winston County on 6 Feb 1916.

And, just like her sister Mary, Martha was childless on the 1920, 1930, and 1940 Alabama Censuses. Grady Nunnelly died in Winston County, Alabama on 2 Mar 1964 and Martha A. (Hendon) Nunnelly died there on 4 Mar 1974. No children.

James Henry Hendon - born in Alabama 18 Sep 1886. He married Julia Lindley on 4 Jan 1917, Winston County, Alabama. Julia was born 14
Feb 1888 in Alabama
and died on 14 May 1968 at Arley, Winston County, Alabama. James Henry Hendon had pre-deceased his wife, dying
at Haleyville, Winston County, Alabama
25 Dec 1959
. Both are buried at Old Bethel Baptist Cemetery, Winston County, Alabama. Two Children.
See: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/20435535?search=true

 Children of James Henry Hendon
Mary Ruth Hendon - born 5 Jun 1921, Winston County, Alabama; married Alvin Burton  Wilson; Mary Ruth died 24 Sep 1954, Winston County, Alabama. Alvin B. Wilson died 28 Nov 1974, Birmingham, Alabama. Both are buried at Old Bethel Baptist Cemetery.

James Dwight Hendon
- born 31 Jul 1924 and died 11 Oct 1925, Winston County, Alabama.

Lucy Jane Hendon - born 3 Feb 1888, Winston County, Alabama; married John Reginald Baird on 25 Dec 1907, Winston County, Alabama.
John Baird, son of
Reuben R. Baird and Mary Rebecca Blevins,
was born in Winston County on 23 Apr 1882.. John R. Baird died 19 Nov 1938 
at Dora, Walker County, Alabama; Mary Ruth (Hendon) Baird also died in Walker County on 3 Sep 1962.
Both are buried at Old Bethel Baptist Cemetery, Winston County, Alabama. See: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/20438311?search=true

Louise J. Hendon - born Feb 1889, Winston County, Alabama

Clementine Hendon - born Mar 1892, Winston County, Alabama. She married Joseph Hufshilter in Winston County on 27 Dec 1907.

David Andrew Hendon - born 6 Mar 1893, Winston County, Alabama. Often called 'Andrew', he married Rachel Stephenson on 10 Jan 1915 in Winston County, Alabama. Rachel was born 23 Mar 1893 and died on 28 Apr 1979 at Winston County, Alabama. David Andrew Hendon had previously died on 5 Sep 1963. Both are buried at Old Bethel Baptist Cemetery, Winston County,  Alabama. Two children. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/39250238/andrew-hendon

Ida Hendon - born 30 Apr 1895, Winston County, Alabama. Ida married David Henderson Hamner on 24 Oct 1915 in Winston County.  David Hamner was born in Alabama 16 Aug 1886. and died on 28 Jan 1957 at Arley, Winston County, Alabama. Ida Hendon Hamner had previously
died on 19 Jun 1947. Both are buried at
Meek Cemetery, Winston County, Alabama
. Two children. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/107559279/ida-hendon-hamner

Robert L. Hendon - born 1898 and died 1899, Winston County, Alabama. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/20414408?search=true

Roy Sanford Hendon - born 9 Mar 1901, Arley, Winston County, Alabama. Roy married Flora Jane Chafin in Winston County on 19 Feb 1922.

Flora Jane, daughter of Jerome Chafin and  Mary Elizabeth Marion Baird, was born in Cullman County, Alabama on 6 Apr 1906. She died 3
Jul 1991 in Winston County, where her husband, Roy S. Hendon, had died
on 5 Apr 1989. They are buried near some of their children at: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/152297035/roy-sanford-hendon

Children of Roy Sanford Hendon
Lecil Sanford Hendon - born 14 May 1924, Alabama; married Marthalene L. Lecil died 19 Jan 2010, Jasper, Walker County, Alabama.: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/114381437/lecil-sanford-hendon

Juanita Hendon - born 19 Jul 1929, Winston County; married Auvene Robinson. Juanita died 8 Nov 2007, Haleyville, Winston County.

LaGeita Hendon - born 19 Jul 1929, Winston County; married Sam Vann, Jr, then Mr. Rushing. LaGeita Hendon Rushing died 21 Jan 2014, Walker County, Alabama. https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/123969097/lageita-rushing