Descendants of Elijah Hendon (born 1787 in Georgia)


(Based on Release 2 of the Hendon Master File)

Note: + is prefixed to the names of spouses.

(NOTE: Subsequent DNA results indicate that Elijah MAY NOT have been the son of Isham C. Hendon and Patience Sugg)
(Research on Elijah Hendon is ongoing)

1 Elijah Hendon  b: 1787 in Ga.  d: 20 Feb 1871 in Calhoun Co., Ala.
 +Sarah E. Phillips  b: 1799 in Ga.  d: Abt. 1890 in Ala.
  2 Thomas Hendon  b: 8 Oct 1824 in Ga.  d: 14 Jul 1904 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
   +Mary Arnold  b: 11 May 1825 in Ala.  d: Abt. 1861
    3 Matilda (Mattie) Angeline Hendon  b: 11 Feb 1847  d: Est. 1897-1942
     +William J. Armstrong  b: Est. 1824-1859  d: 25 Sep 1918
      4 B. Armstrong  b: 12 Nov 1870  d: 7 Jun 1939
      4 Louis Armstrong  b: 25 Apr 1895  d: 22 Aug 1899
    3 Mary Elizabeth Hendon  b: 2 Oct 1849  d: Est. 1850-1943
    3 Nancy Jane Hendon  b: 25 Feb 1852 in Ala.  d: 15 Mar 1912 in Bell Co., Tex.
     +Collins Cothren  b: 25 Mar 1842 in Ga.  d: 22 Mar 1907 in Bell Co., Tex.
      4 Barbara Izora Cothren  b: 20 Aug 1870 in Tippah Co., Miss.  d: 4 Nov 1957 in Lufkin, Angelina Co., Tex.
       +James Lewis Yancy  b: Est. 1847-1878 in Cedartown, Ga.  d: 13 Nov 1948 in Smith Co., Tex.
        5 Henry Lee Yancy, Sr.  b: 26 Mar 1892 in Lufkin, Angelina, Tex.  d: Est. 1904-1983
         +Jessie Lee  b: 13 Jan 1885  d: Est. 1908-1979
        5 Manie Maude Yancy  b: 17 Jul 1894  d: Est. 1910-1988
         +Edgar E. Welch  b: 1894  d: Est. 1913-1985
        5 Hobson Clinton Yancy  b: 23 Dec 1898 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.  d: Est. 1899-1988
        5 Flora Yancy  b: 30 Apr 1910 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.  d: 30 Apr 1910 in Holland, Bell, Tex.
        5 Bill Yancy  b: Private
         +Clara  b: Private
          6 William Yancy  b: Private
        5 Woodrow Yancy  b: Private
        5 James Yancy  b: Private
         +Osie Mae Private  b: Private
          6 James Yancy, Jr.  b: Private
        5 Mamie Edna Yancy  b: Private
         +Arch Henderson  b: 1896  d: Est. 1915-1987
          6 Grunita Henderson  b: Private
       +Mr. Sikes  b: Private
         *2nd Husband of Mamie Edna Yancy:
         +Mr. Lacy  b: Est. 1879-1899  d: Est. 1913-1985
        5 Cecil Roy Yancy  b: Private
        5 Bernard Yancy  b: Private
      4 Jerusha Matilda (Roush) Cothren  b: 24 Feb 1873 in Miss.  d: 26 Sep 1957 in Dallas Co., Tex.
       +Sherman Duett  b: Est. 1856-1876  d: Est. 1891-1962
        5 Jane Duett  b: Private
        5 Myrtle Duett  b: Private
         +Sutton Holliman  b: Private
       *2nd Husband of Jerusha Matilda (Roush) Cothren:
       +Albert East Pike  b: 1852 in Bell Co., Tex.  d: Est. 1901-1944
        5 Prince Albert Pike  b: 1898  d: 1912 in Bell Co., Tex.
        5 Thomas East Pike  b: 15 Aug 1899 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.  d: Est. 1900-1989
      4 John William Cothren  b: 2 Oct 1875 in Miss.  d: 14 Sep 1948 in Temple, Bell Co., Tex.
       +Johnny Mae Joplin  b: Est. 1874-1902  d: Est. 1925-1990 in Merkel, Tex.
        5 Beulah Mae Cothren  b: Private
      4 Louiza Wickerson Cothren   b: 27 Apr 1878 in Ponotoc, Miss.  d: 2 Jan 1960 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tex.
       +Phillip Eli Frank  b: Nov 1872 in Salem, Missouri  d: Est. 1908-1963
        5 George H. Frank  b: Jun 1897 in Tex.  d: Est. 1898-1987
        5 A.L. Frank  b: Private
        5 Hubert E. Frank  b: Private
        5 Edna Ola Frank  b: Private
         +A.M. Sutton  b: Private
        5 John Ory Frank  b: Private
         +Laura Mae  b: Private
        5 Polly Frank  b: Private
         +L.D. Crabb  b: Private
        5 Unknown Frank  b: Private
         +E.C. Davis, Jr.  b: Private
      4 Aaron Thomas Cothren  b: 28 Nov 1880 in Miss.  d: 17 Sep 1881 in Miss.
      4 Elijah Oliver Cothren  b: 30 Aug 1882 in Miss.  d: 22 Jun 1963 in Bell Co., Tex.
      4 Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Cothren  b: 9 Aug 1885 in Miss.  d: 7 Jan 1973 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tex.
       +James T. (Jim) Arvin  b: 1885 in Tex.  d: Est. 1911-1976
        5 Henry Cecil Arvin  b: Private
         +Amy  b: Private
         *2nd Wife of Henry Cecil Arvin:
         +Dorothy Lou Cockrum Sawyer  b: Private
        5 William Edward Arvin  b: Private
        5 Jimmy Arvin  b: Private
      4 Dayton Cyle Cothren  b: 18 Dec 1888 in Bell Co., Tex.  d: 28 May 1977 in Temple, Bell Co., Tex.
       +Pauline McDaniel  b: 14 Jul 1893 in Tex.  d: 1 Sep 1962 in Belton, Bell Co., Tex.
        5 Dayton Cyle Cothren, Jr.  b: 13 Dec 1916 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.  d: 1960 in Andrews, Andrews Co., Tex.
          6 Maxine Cothren  b: Private
          6 Pauline Virginia Cothren  b: Private
           +Nancy Pope  b: Private
          6 Sue Ann Cothren  b: 14 Mar 1936 in Belton, Bell Co., Tex.  d: 14 Mar 1936 in Belton, Bell Co., Tex.
          6 William Kyle Cothren  b: 4 Apr 1937 in Milam Co., Tex.  d: 5 Apr 1937 in Milam Co., Tex.
          6 Arthur Dean Cothren  b: 1 Sep 1938  d: 25 Dec 1989 in Florida
          6 Stillborn Twins Cothren  b: Private
          6 Artie Allyne Cothren  b: Private
           +William Joe Pitts  b: Private
            7 Bobby Joe Pitts  b: Private
            7 Sue Ann Pitts  b: Private
            7 Timmy Pitts  b: Private
        5 Stillborn Boy Cothren  b: 2 Mar 1920 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.  d: 2 Mar 1920 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
        5 Gracie Mae Cothren  b: 21 Feb 1921 in Williamson Co., Tex.  d: 7 Apr 1995 in Houston, Harris Co., Tex.
         +Lloyd Bruce Wall  b: 30 May 1917 in Hamlin, Jones, Tex.  d: 21 Jan 1971 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (EBR Parish)
          6 Gary Bruce Wall  b: Private
           +Donna Jean Leonard  b: Private
            7 Michael Bruce Wall  b: Private
             +Peggy Leanne Priddy  b: Private
              8 Chelsey Nicole Dry  b: Private
              8 Chase Michael Dry  b: Private
            7 James Allen Wall  b: Private
             +Michelle Diane Gibson  b: Private
              8 Jessica Lynn Dry  b: Private
              8 Jamie Leigh Dry  b: Private
              8 Julia Lauren Dry  b: Private
            7 Christine Marie Wall  b: Private
             +Darrell Mamerow  b: Private
           *2nd Wife of Gary Bruce Wall:
           +Pamela Sue Andre  b: Private
            7 Joseph Clayton Wall  b: Private
          6 Michael Dennis Wall  b: Private
           +Cynthia Fay Gonzales  b: Private
            7 Cynthia Dawn Wall  b: Private
             +Wayne Ludy Heintze  b: Private
           *2nd Wife of Michael Dennis Wall:
           +Debbie Jean Johnson  b: Private
            7 Robert Jason Wall  b: Private
            7 Joshua Dennis Wall  b: Private
          6 Helen Marie Wall  b: Private
        5 Frances Bell Cothren  b: 21 Oct 1927 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.  d: 3 Aug 1968 in Cypress, Tex.
         +Herbert Bryan  b: Private
          6 Herbert Gene Bryan  b: Private
         *2nd Husband of Frances Bell Cothren:
         +Franklin Frederick Lindemann  b: Private
          6 Virginia Gayle Lindemann  b: 23 Dec 1950  d: 24 May 1970 in Caldwell, Tex.
          6 Charlotte Ann Lindemann  b: Private
           +Edward Arnold Svinky  b: Private
            7 Michael Allen Svinky  b: Private
            7 Matthew Scott Svinky  b: Private
          6 Kathy Elaine Lindemann  b: Private
           +Charles Collins  b: Private
            7 Vanessa Rene Collins  b: Private
             +Mr. Irving  b: Private
              8 Ashley Nicole Irving  b: Private
            7 Melissa Lynn Collins  b: Private
            7 Melinda Gayle Collins  b: Private
          6 Shirley Lorraine Lindemann  b: Private
           +Ronald Lynn Watson, Sr.  b: Private
            7 Ronald Lynn (B. J) Watson, Jr.  b: Private
            7 Crystal Nicole Watson  b: Private
          6 Tonie Rochelle Lindemann  b: Private
          6 Franklin Frederick Lindemann, Jr.  b: Private
           +Frances Darlene Sanders  b: Private
            7 Justin Franklin Lindemann  b: Private
            7 Shirley Jeanine Lindemann  b: Private
            7 Sarah Hitt  b: Private
          6 Randy Lee Lindemann  b: Private
           +Lori Ann Nolder  b: Private
            7 Christopher Lee Lindemann  b: Private
            7 Derrick Allen Lindemann  b: Private
            7 Waylon Whittaker  b: Private
          6 Nancy Yvonne Lindemann  b: Private
           +Terry Allen Porter  b: Private
            7 Kayla Nikole Porter  b: Private
            7 Apr Lynell Porter  b: Private
        5 Bonnie Jean Cothren  b: 29 Sep 1932 in Thorndale, Milam Co., Tex.  d: 1 Apr 1933 in Salty, Milam Co., Tex.
        5 Kathrine Ann Cothren  b: 18 Mar 1934 in Thorndale, Milam Co., Tex.  d: 18 Mar 1950 in Lufkin, Angelina Co., Tex.
        5 Oliver Lee (Bill) Cothren  b: Private
         +Joyce Hall  b: 18 Jan 1922 in Carver City, Okla.  d: 18 Jun 1984 in Durant, Okla.
         *2nd Wife of Oliver Lee (Bill) Cothren:
         +Lucinda (Minnie) Garcia  b: Private
          6 Oliver Lee Cothren, Jr.  b: Private
          6 William Keith Cothren  b: Private
          6 Colleen Carol Cothren  b: Private
         *3rd Wife of Oliver Lee (Bill) Cothren:
         +Jackie  b: Private
        5 Douglas Waye Cothren  b: Private
        5 Barbara Izora Cothren  b: Private
         +Adolph Edward Barabas   b: 13 Jul 1919  d: 14 Oct 1976 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
          6 Edward Wayne Barabas  b: 15 Aug 1958 in Bartlett, Tex.  d: 30 Jan 1993 in Wichita Falls, Tex.
            7 Sheila Barabas  b: Private
             +Debra Webb  b: Private
          6 Judy Kay Barabas  b: Private
           +Gary Dean Wiede  b: Private
          6 Janet Dolores Barabas  b: Private
           +Larry Alex Tomasek  b: Private
          6 Augusta Ann Barabas  b: Private
           +Victor Rice  b: Private
          6 Kenneth Scott Barabas  b: Private
          6 Ricky Joseph Barabas  b: Private
          6 William Eric Barabas  b: Private
        5 Nancy Lee Iler Cothren  b: Private
         +Olen Ray Williams  b: Private
          6 Billy Frank Williams  b: 5 Jan 1944  d: 1 Jun 1953 in Sugarland, Tex.
          6 Bobby Ray Williams  b: Private
           +Carolyn Ann McCord  b: Private
            7 Bobby Ray Williams, Jr.  b: Private
             +Janet Lynn Stone  b: Private
              8 Audrey Katherine Williams  b: Private
              8 Alexandra Karolyn Williams  b: Private
          6 James Kyle Willilams  b: Private
           +Sadie Marie Maiorka  b: Private
            7 Debra Kaye Williams  b: Private
             +Kevin Bennett  b: Private
            7 Mark Todd Williams  b: Private
            7 Jennifer Lynn Williams  b: Private
      4 Jessie Cecil Cothren  b: 25 Mar 1891 in Tex.  d: Dec 1978 in Bell Co., Tex.
       +Annie Rosser  b: 1 Jan 1900 in Anderson Co., Tex.  d: 15 May 1962 in Temple, Bell Co., Tex.
        5 Mable Cothren  b: 20 May 1917 in Rogers, Tex.  d: 24 Jan 1919 in Rogers, Tex.
        5 Barbara Cothren  b: 17 Mar 1922  d: 13 Jun 1963
         +Bud Faucett  b: Private
         *2nd Husband of Barbara Cothren:
         +Jacob Utley  b: Private
          6 Cecil L. "Bud" Utley  b: 29 Nov 1942  d: 9 Dec 1962 in Tex.
          6 Frances Utley  b: Private
        5 Helen Joyce Cothren  b: Private
         +Mr. Sellers  b: Private
         *2nd Husband of Helen Joyce Cothren:
         +Dave Livingston  b: Private
        5 Betty Ruth Cothren  b: Private
         +George D. Willis  b: Private
        5 Martha Christine Cothren  b: Private
         +Arthur Lawson  b: Private
      4 Nancy Belle Cothren  b: 10 Oct 1893 in Tex.  d: 23 Feb 1989 in Temple, Bell Co., Tex.
       +Louis Lativous Cockrum  b: 23 Oct 1891  d: Bef. 1989
        5 Louis L. Cockrum, Jr.  b: 14 Feb 1924 in Tex.  d: Mar 1944 at sea
        5 Flora Bell Cockrum  b: Private
         +C. A"Bud" Sherman  b: Private
        5 Dorothy Lou Cockrum Sawyer  b: Private
         +Henry Cecil Arvin  b: Private
         *2nd Husband of Dorothy Lou Cockrum Sawyer:
         +Homer Sawyer  b: Private
          6 Nancy Jo Sawyer  b: Private
           +Fred Coakly  b: Private
            7 Joe S. Coakly  b: Private
          6 Patsy Lee Sawyer  b: Private
           +Mr. Quinn  b: Private
            7 David Louis Quinn  b: Private
            7 Teresa Lynn Quinn  b: Private
          6 Homer Louis Sawyer  b: Private
        5 Clarence William Cockrum  b: Private
         +Gladys Wendler  b: Private
        5 Lola Mae Cockrum  b: Private
         +T.E. Wingert  b: Private
        5 Joann Cockrum  b: Private
         +Wilbur Goolsby  b: Private
      4 Arthur Morris (Jack) Cothren  b: 28 Jan 1897 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.  d: Est. 1943-1989 in Irving, Tex.
       +Ruby Mangham  b: 13 Sep 1905 in Bay City, Matagorda Co., Tex.  d: 21 Dec 1992 in Irving, Tex.
        5 Dorothy Jane Cothren  b: 24 Oct 1926 in Tex.  d: 10 Jun 1927 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
        5 Mary Alice Cothren  b: 11 Jul 1929 in Tex.  d: 24 Dec 1932 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
        5 Paul Morris Cothren b: 17 Apr 1941 in Belton, Bell Co., Tex.  d: 22 Jun 1942 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
        5 Doris Ruth Cothren  b: Private
         +Hugh Wages  b: Private
        5 Hazel Nell Cothren  b: Private
         +Mr. McPherson  b: Private
        5 Arthur David Cothren  b: Private
       *2nd Wife of Arthur Morris (Jack) Cothren:
       +Ruby M. Stanley  b: Private
        5 Nettie Mae Cothren  b: Private
        5 Frances Marie Cothren  b: Private
    3 Elijah Philip Hendon  b: 19 Feb 1855  d: Est. 1856-1945
    3 Missouri Ann Hendon  b: 15 Nov 1857  d: 19 Jun 1915 in Tex.
     +John (Joseph) Garrett  b: Est. 1831-1863  d: Est. 1895-1948
      4 William H. Garrett  b: 12 May 1875  d: 14 Mar 1886 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
      4 James Thomas Garrett  b: 28 Sep 1882  d: 10 Dec 1949 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
      4 Edward Garrett  b: 23 Dec 1885  d: 14 Jul 1886 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
      4 Bessie L. Garrett  b: 14 Mar 1893  d: 15 Aug 1894 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
    3 Thomas Manley Hendon  b: 30 Jun 1860  d: Est. 1861-1950
   *2nd Wife of Thomas Hendon:
   +Phoebe Ann Brown  b: Est. 1824-1851  d: Est. 1879-1939
    3 Sarah (Salley) Amanda Hendon  b: 7 Oct 1866  d: 23 Nov 1944 in Bryant, Ark.
     +Joseph Ward Boone  b: 18 Feb 1861 in Miss.  d: 26 Nov 1939 in Benton, Ark.
      4 William Arthur Boone  b: 20 Feb 1884  d: 12 Aug 1885 in Ark.
      4 George Henry Boone  b: 5 Nov 1886  d: 4 Aug 1963
      4 Allen Jasper Boone  b: 31 May 1889  d: 19 Nov 1968 in Benton, Ark.
       +Georgia Smith  b: 25 Oct 1895  d: Est. 1925-1989
        5 Alene Boone  b: Private
         +Ralls Brown  b: Private
        5 Gola Boone  b: Private
      4 Roy Earl Boone  b: 22 Jan 1892 in Ark.  d: 20 Aug 1950 in Ark.
       +Mabel Edna Belote  b: 20 Aug 1899 in Old Austin, Ark.  d: 6 Aug 1960 in Benton, Ark.
        5 Allie Mae Boone  b: Private
         +Wayne Milo Warren  b: Private
          6 Michael Wayne Warren  b: Private
           +Sharone Elaine Forsythe  b: Private
            7 Michael Andrew Warren  b: Private
            7 Laura Ann Warren  b: Private
          6 Lynn Elaine Warren  b: Private
           +Lloyd Dewey Howard  b: Private
            7 William David Howard  b: Private
         *2nd Husband of Allie Mae Boone:
         +James C. McCammon  b: Private
      4 James Britton Boone  b: 3 Nov 1894 in Bryant, Ark.  d: Est. 1940-1986
       +Dora Burris  b: 5 Jun 1905 in Kentucky  d: 22 Feb 1934 in Little Rock, Ark.
       *2nd Wife of James Britton Boone:
       +Mary Jewel Price  b: Private
      4 Thomas Bertram Boone  b: 1 Aug 1897  d: 1 Jan 1912
      4 Irwin (Urda) Boone  b: 2 Apr 1900  d: 30 Nov 1932 in Ark.
       +Lillie Bell MCBride  b: Private
        5 Katy Virginia Boone  b: Private
      4 Frank Cecil Boone  b: Private
       +Maudie Beulah Campbell  b: Private
        5 Billie Campbell Boone  b: Private
         +Edna Lee Branstratter  b: Private
          6 Richard Dalton Boone  b: Private
           +Lynda Jo Benton  b: Private
            7 Ashley Walker Boone  b: Private
          6 Mark Campbell Boone  b: Private
        5 Imogene Boone  b: Private
         +Holland Alfred Miller  b: Private
          6 Maurey Boone Miller  b: Private
          6 Leslie Ann Miller  b: Private
        5 Betty Joe Boone  b: Private
         +James E. Adams, Jr.  b: Private
          6 Amanda Jo Adams  b: Private
           +Michael Charles Grosser  b: Private
            7 Michael Nathan Grosser  b: Private
           *2nd Husband of Amanda Jo Adams:
           +James Ruben Hopkins  b: Private
          6 James Bryan Adams  b: Private
        5 Curtis Boone  b: Private
         +Carol Ann Schlmacher  b: Private
          6 Kathleen Jo Boone  b: Private
          6 Martin Sean Boone  b: Private
        5 Coyce Boone  b: Private
         +Leta Irene Jones  b: Private
          6 Tamara Leigh Boone  b: Private
          6 Coyce Ward Boone  b: Private
          6 Harold Wade Boone  b: Private
      4 Fay Maxwell Boone  b: Private
       +Emma Estelle Weaver  b: Private
        5 Fay Ann Boone  b: 20 Jun 1937 in Saline Co., Ark.  d: 20 Jun 1937 in Saline Co., Ark.
        5 Billie Max Boone  b: Private
         +Gladys Mary Wright  b: Private
          6 Jennifer Leigh Boone  b: Private
           +William Donald Kelly, Jr.  b: Private
          6 Molly Jo Boone  b: Private
          6 Gehrig Glenn Boone  b: Private
        5 Emma Sue Boone  b: Private
         +Leonard Dale Robbins  b: Private
          6 Keith Randall Robbins  b: Private
          6 Stephen Dale Robbins  b: Private
          6 Carla Sue Robbins  b: Private
    3 John Garrison Hendon  b: 9 Dec 1868  d: 13 Apr 1945 in Little Rock, Ark.
     +Annie Mathis Clemons  b: Est. 1856-1879 in Elba, Coffee Co., Ala.  d: Est. 1902-1967 in Little Rock, Ark.
      4 Rudy Warren Hendon  b: 28 Dec 1899  d: 8 May 1937 in Little Rock, Ark.
       +Charlotte A. Vann  b: Private
        5 Anna Lee Hendon  b: Private
         +J.L. Kail, Jr.  b: Private
          6 Sheryl Lynn Kail  b: Private
          6 Douglas Martain Kail  b: Private
          6 Richahrd Lee Kail  b: Private
      4 Lola E. Hendon  b: Private
       +Clarence Frederick Holiman  b: Est. 1874-1903  d: Est. 1930-1987
        5 Pauline Holiman  b: Private
         +Herman Lex Smith  b: Private
          6 Rebecca Jane Smith  b: Private
          6 Julie Claire Smith  b: Private
          6 Holly Lex Smith  b: Private
     *2nd Wife of John Garrison Hendon:
     +Annie Mathis Clemmons  b: Est. 1857-1879 in ?  d: Est. 1900-1968 in Little Rock, Ark.
    3 Martha (Mollie) L. Hendon  b: 15 Nov 1870  d: Est. 1884-1964
     +John Cockrum  b: Est. 1853-1873  d: Est. 1887-1959
    3 Warren Auback Hendon  b: 12 Apr 1874  d: 27 Mar 1941 in Dallas, Tex.
     +Mary Lou Rowlett  b: 30 Dec 1877  d: Est. 1914-1972 in Holland, Bell Co., Tex.
      4 Agnes Hendon  b: Private
       +Weldon Howard Garoutte  b: Private
        5 Gerald Howard Garoutte  b: Private
         +Helen Charlene Williford  b: Private
          6 Michael Howard Garoutte  b: Private
          6 Charles Andrew Garoutte  b: Private
          6 Mary Elizabeth Garoutte  b: Private
      4 Nelda Hendon  b: Private
    3 Georgellen Hendon  b: 7 Dec 1877  d: Est. 1926-1972
     +Branic Riggs  b: Est. 1864-1900  d: Est. 1925-1983
      4 Mickie  b: Private
        5 Jimmie  b: Private
      4 Mattie Riggs  b: Private
       +Hulse Smith  b: Private
      4 Hannah Riggs  b: Private
       +Mr. Burrell  b: Private
      4 Amanda Riggs  b: Private
       +Mr. Riley  b: Private
      4 Wanda Lee Riggs  b: Private
       +Lester Davenport  b: Private
  2 William Hendon  b: 1840  d: Est. 1841-1930
  2 Mary E. Hendon  b: 1844  d: Est. 1845-1938