[Submitted 5 August 1998 by Kathy Hendon (KHendon223@aol.com).]

This study is about the ancestors of my father-in-law's adoptive family, the Hendons of Georgia. Until about two years ago, Luther P. Hendon, my father-in-law, only claimed his adoptive name as his true blood line. He was adopted by an aunt and uncle as an infant into the Hendon family. His blood line is of the Carlile surname. I was very successful in tracing the Carlile line, and as a result brought pride and joy to Luther's way of thinking about his birth family.

But at the same time, Luther wanted to know more about his other family that he grew up to know as his own, the Hendons. They loved him and nurtured him just as much as any birth family could have loved him. So here is Luther P. Hendon's Hendon lineage, which starts with Aaron Hendon:

Aaron Hendon was born about 1830, in Georgia according to the 1850 Georgia census records. It is not known exactly when or where, but about 1850-1851 Aaron married Ollie Elmina Carrouth, who was ten years his senior. Ollie was the daughter of Lander and Mary Carrouth, from North Carolina. The Carrouths moved to Georgia sometime in the early 1830's.

Aaron and Ollie resided in the area of Woodstock, Cherokee County, Georgia during their marriage. In fact, Ollie died and was buried there in Bascomb Church Cemetery, Woodstock. Her marker is still legible to this day.

On 17 October 1852, their first child, Leander Carruth Hendon, was born, obviously named after his maternal grandfather. Leander Hendon went on to marry Sarah Abigail McClure, date and place unknown. At the age of 64, Leander C. Hendon died, on 23 May 1917.

Elijah John Hendon, second son of Aaron and Ollie, was born 1 November 1854, in Woodstock, Georgia. He married Malinda E. Summerhill, daughter of Jackson and Martha Summerhill, on 3 December 1880, in Cherokee County, Georgia. The Summerhills originated in North Carolina. Elijah John Hendon and Malinda Summerhill are direct ancestors of Luther P. Hendon; I will therefore elaborate on their line shortly.

The third child of Aaron and Ollie Hendon was Octavie Hendon; sources show variations of her name as it was rather difficult to read in the census. According to records, she was born 4 December 1859 and died 4 January 1930. It is assumed that she was born and died in Woodstock, but this is unconfirmed. No information about marriages has been found.

A second daughter was Lucinda D. Hendon, born about 1860. Family history notes that she never married, but lived out her days with Elijah John Hendon, her older brother. She is recorded in the 1900 census as living with Elijah John and his family. When and where she died is not known.

The last child born to Aaron and Ollie was Hannah Hendon, born March 17, 1862. Until recently, little was known about Hannah. I made a connection via the Internet with Hannah's great-great-granddaughter. As she had just started her research, she did not have a lot of information, either. Hannah married Joseph Marion Cook about 1880-1881. They had eight children (for their names, see the Descendancy Chart given later). On April 19, 1935, Hannah Hendon Cook died and was buried in the same cemetery as her mother, Bascomb Cemetery, Woodstock, Cherokee County, Georgia.

Several references to an "Aunt Dorothy" have been noted in family history and in conversations with Luther's oldest brother, George. These suggest that there was another as yet untraced daughter named Dorothy. I believe, however, that the "D." in Lucinda D.'s name stands for "Dorothy", and that this supposed daughter Dorothy is in fact Lucinda D. called by her middle name.

Sometime in 1862, shortly after the birth of his last child, Aaron Hendon mustered into the 43rd Regiment, Company B, of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry Army, in Cherokee County. An entry in the Georgia Veterans' records indicates that Aaron "died on the way home of cholera" from Vicksburg in 1863. But a visit to the Vicksburg city cemetery in 1995 disproved this. We stopped by the cemetery on a "genealogy" vacation that year to look up Aaron's marker. A cousin had informed us that Aaron was buried in a mass cemetery in the National Park in Vicksburg. We discovered, however, that Aaron Hendon was buried in the city cemetery. We found his marker, noted the date of death, 25 June 1863, and took pictures for verification. Therefore, how could he have died of cholera on the way home on a ship? Also, his military records do not show a visit to the hospital; in fact, they note that he is still present about 49 days before his death. The time of his death also coincides with the date of the Vicksburg Campaign. It is my opinion that Aaron Hendon died in combat at Vicksburg, not of cholera!

Ollie E. Hendon continued to live in Cherokee County, farming land with her children. In 1870, the census shows that all five children are still living with her and farming. Some three years later, on 3 May 1873, Ollie Elimina Carrouth Hendon died and was buried in Woodstock, Cherokee County, Georgia. The cause of death is not known. She would have been 53 years old six days after her death, young by today's standards. She would have left behind at least three minors: Octavie, Lucinda, and Hannah. The 1880 census does not reveal where the three minors or any of the children were. They were probably put with one or more relatives until they were of age.

At the age of 26, Elijah John Hendon married Malinda E. Summerhill on 3 December 1880. As stated before she was the daughter of Jackson Summerhill and Martha (maiden name unknown). Jackson Summerhill, like Aaron Hendon, was a Civil War casualty. Malinda was the fifth of six children.

Elijah John and Malinda had eight children. The first, Albert L., was born 17 March 1883. He went on to marry Vinie Fowler. Little else is known about Albert Hendon.

Their second child, Luther's adoptive father, Leonard Thomas Hendon, was born 6 May 1885 in Texas. Leonard married Sally E. Carlile on 9 February 1908. Sally was the sister of Luther's birth father (technically Luther's aunt). The details of their life will be elaborated on later.

The third child was Grace I. Hendon, born 15 December 1886; she died 22 September 1920. Grace married Elbert Flanagin. Grace was born in Texas as well.

William Aaron Hendon, supposedly named after his paternal grandfather, was born 22 January 1890 in Texas. He is buried in Hickory Flat Cemetery, Cherokee County. He married Ludie Dobbs, 26 November 1911.

The fifth child of Elijah John and Malinda Hendon was Gilbert Hendon, born 16 August 1897. Gilbert later married Alma Simmons, 2 May 1920.

Marthie Mae Hendon, born 30 April 1883, was the sixth child. Next Alice Cora Hendon was born 22 August 1892. Alice married Hulbert Alberson, December 1911. Alice died 25 August 1944. Clara B. Hendon was born last on 15 August 1897. She married John White, 1 January 1911, and died 15 April 1944.

Soon after their marriage, Elijah John and Malinda moved to Alabama, where Albert Leander Hendon was born. It is presumed that Albert was named after Elijah John's two uncles, Leander and Albert Carruth. According to census records, the next three children, Leonard, Grace, and William Aaron Hendon, were born in Hood County, Texas. Tax records verify that Elijah John Hendon and his family resided in Hood County for several years. Family history describes how the family returned to Georgia due to problems with Malinda's health. Malinda supposedly could not handle the difficult life of farming and ranching in early Texas. Some of the other Summerhill families went along to Texas as well. Records confirm that these families remained in Texas.

In 1910, Elijah John died and was buried in Bascomb Church Cemetery, in Woodstock, Cherokee County, near his mother, Ollie. In 1954, Malinda succumbed and was buried next to him. Their markers can be found to this day.

Some years after returning to Georgia, Leonard Thomas Hendon married Sally E. Carlile. Sally was the daughter of John F. Carlile and Alnissa Terry.

Leonard and Sally had three children of their own. George W. Hendon was born 22 February 1911 and married Grace Hardin, 16 January 1937. Their second child, Zetie D. Hendon, was born 29 December 1912. Essie Hendon was born last on 26 August 1917.

Sometime after George and Zetie were born, the family lived in between Kenesaw and Woodstock, Cherokee County. They rented their first house. About this time, Leonard Hendon started his own business. He first set up in a store there in Kenesaw selling Watkins Products; later he would travel the county selling from a horse-drawn wagon. For several years, Leonard traveled and sold his products in this manner. Then, when a better mode of transportation came along, he changed: he bought a gas-powered pickup from which he did business. About 1918, sometime after his last child was born, Leonard decided that the traveling life was not for him and he needed to be more at home with his family. So he traded the truck for a couple of cows, bought 120 acres in Hickory Flats, and began farming. Hickory Flats is located just outside of Woodstock, Georgia. The land was located on what is now known as Hendon Road. Leonard's brother, Aaron, lived just down the road and his parents were close at hand as well.

Along this time, 1920, a terrible flu epidemic swept through the country, brought back by the boys fighting in World War I. This same epidemic claimed the lives of Sally's brother, John William Carlile, and his wife, Willa Dell Grimes Carlile. Both died within 24 hours of each other. Left behind were five minor children, the youngest being Luther Pierce, age one year. The older children were taken by another sister of Sally's. Leonard and Sally wanted to adopt Luther as their own. With everything they had, emotionally and financially, they were determined that this small, precious child was to be theirs to love and cherish and raise as their own. It took many court battles with other members of John's family, but finally in 1925, Luther Pierce Carlile became Luther Pierce Hendon, Leonard and Sally Hendon's youngest child.

Luther grew up in a farming community, a typical boy in the Georgia countryside, working hard with farming chores of milking cows, chopping wood, and working in the fields. But he also knew how to play. At home, he always looked forward to summer: no school, and lots of time to play pranks on brothers and sister and always time to go skinny-dipping in the creek nearby.

School at Modesto was typical for a boy his age. He walked to school each morning and afternoon with brothers, sister, and cousins. His favorite part of school was sports. He excelled in basketball and baseball. He led his basketball team to win the local basketball tournament and accept a gold basketball for his endeavors.

In baseball he excelled even more. He played catcher and first base, but not only in grade school and high school. He also played semi-professional ball -- Georgia Cracker League. In 1939-1940, Luther played in the North Atlanta League. Some of the teams they played included those from Canton, Blueridge, Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta, and Atlanta Federal Penitentiary.

After serving in the military, Luther played one year in the North Georgia League. Then in 1947, he played first base and catcher on the Lathamtown baseball team. During that time, let it be known that Luther was known to "gun" them down stealing and knock the ball a "country mile"! To this day, he still imparts his valuable baseball knowledge to his grandsons in pitching, batting, and fielding. They have truly learned from a pro!


1-Aaron Hendon(1830-1863) -- sp-Ollie Elimina Carrouth (1820-1873)
    2-Leander Carruth Hendon (1852-1917) -- sp-Sarah Abigail McClure (1857-1913)
        3-Thomas Sidney Hendon (1875-1877)
        3-Alvin Hendon (1879-1959) -- sp-Mirtie Reeves (1882)
            4-Warren Linton Hendon (1905) -- sp-Ruby Pauline Terry (1907-1951)
            4-Roy Bailey Hendon (1918) -- sp-Betty Ann Adams
            4-Lelia Mae Hendon (1920) -- sp-George W. Walker
        3-Lela Frances Hendon (1884-1958)
        3-Olley Conellier Hendon (1886) -- sp-Will H. Kemp
            4-Orlando Autrey Hendon (1892-1903)
    2-Elijah John Hendon (1854-1910) -- sp- Malinda E. Summerhill (1859-1945)
        3-Albert Leander Hendon (1881) -- sp-Vinie Fowler
        3-Martha Mae Hendon (1883)
        3-Leonard Thomas Hendon (1885-1967) -- sp-Sally E. Carlile (1883-1966)
        3-Grace I. Hendon (1886-1920) -- sp-Elbert Glanagin (-1943)
        3-William Aaron Hendon (1890) -- sp-Ludie Dobbs
        3-Alice Cora Hendon (1892-1944) -- sp-Hulbert Alberson
        3-Clara B. Hendon (1894-1944) -- sp-John White
        3-Gilbert Hendon (1897) -- sp-Alma Simmon
    2-Octavie Hendon (1859-1930)
    2-Lucinda D. Hendon (1860-After 1900)
    2-Hannah Hendon (1862-1935) -- sp-Joseph Marion Cook(1856-1924)
        3-J.W. Cook (1881-1948)
        3-Tallie Cook (1886-1963)
        3-Cecil Cook (1889-1965) -- sp-Ralph Lewis (1894-1962)
        3-David Cook (1901-1974)
        3-Marvin Cook
        3-Lular Cook
        3-Edward Cook

        3-Annie Cook

Postscript: The Parentage of Aaron Hendon

Who were the parents of the Aaron Hendon born about 1830 who married Ollie Elimina Carrouth? I have spoken to several Hendon researchers about my theories and opinions as to who they were. As of this date, I still have not made a concrete connection, but in my opinion I have rather strong circumstantial evidence that he is the son of Elijah Hendon, born 1798, and Sallie Sarah Phillips, born 1799. It is this circumstantial evidence that I would like to present here.

Here are my arguments:

1) Elijah and his family were in the right place at the right time to be the parents of Aaron. Aaron was born about 1830 somewhere in Georgia; he is known to have resided after his marriage in Woodstock, Cherokee County, Georgia. All of Elijah's previously known children born between 1823 and 1839 were born in Georgia; and Emily Barlow, the granddaughter of Elijah's first child, Randall Robinson (born in 1823), states that his place of birth was Carroll County, Georgia. For Elijah there is a record of a lottery drawing in 1832 in Spaulding County, Georgia, not far from Cobb and Cherokee Counties. The 1840 census places Elijah in Carroll County, Georgia; at the time of the 1850 census he was in Cherokee County, Georgia. In Elijah's pension records, his wife gives these as their places of residence: Carroll, Cobb, and Cherokee Counties, Georgia, and Randolph and Calhoun Counties, Alabama.

2) The chronology of the births of Elijah's previously known children leaves a gap in which Aaron could have been born. Randall Robinson was born in 1823, Sarah D. about 1831, Lucinda in 1833, Martha in 1835, John in 1837, William in 1839, and Mary in 1844. Aaron's birth about 1830 would fit in the eight-year interval between Randall Robinson and Sarah D.

3) According to the 1830 census, Elijah had two male children under 5; one could be Aaron, who would have been born about that year. The 1840 census shows Elijah with four boys and four girls. Without Aaron, there are only three known sons of Elijah, so he could be the missing fourth. Furthermore, the boys are shown as two under 5 and one aged 10-15 years. The two under 5 would be William (born 1839) and John (born 1837). The other could be Aaron, who would have been about 10 years old at that time. It is less likely to be Randall Robinson, who would have been 16 in 1840.

4) A Sarah D. Hendon is mentioned in The Hendons from Gunpowder River as possibly Aaron Hendon's sister. Elijah had a daughter with this name, who would be Aaron's sister if he was Elijah's son.

5) It was common practice to give children the name of an older relative or a name combining the names of two relatives. Aaron's grandson, William Aaron Hendon, was supposedly named after his grandfather. If this was the case, his grandfather Aaron's full name could have been William Aaron or Aaron William Hendon. If he was Elijah's son, he in turn could have been named after Elijah's brother Aaron and great-uncle William.

6) Aaron's oldest son is named after Ollie's father, Lander Carrouth. If Aaron is the son of Elijah, his second son, Elijah John, could have been named after Aaron's own father, Elijah, and after John, another of Elijah's sons and hence Aaron's brother and Elijah John's uncle.

7) Aaron had a daughter, Lucinda D. (per the 1900 census). If Aaron was Elijah's son, he would have had two sisters, Lucinda and Sarah D., after whom his daughter Lucinda D. could have been named. (As I mentioned earlier, there is evidence suggesting that the "D." in Lucinda D.'s name stands for "Dorothy". Unfortunately what the "D." in Sarah D.'s name stands for is not known.)

8) Elijah John Hendon's third son, William Aaron, is presumably named after Elijah John's father, whose name would then have been William Aaron or Aaron William as hypothesized in 1) above. However, if Aaron was Elijah's son, another possibility would be that he contributed only the Aaron to his grandson's name while the William came from Aaron's brother, William, the boy's great-uncle.

I realize that each of these arguments can be individually discredited, but I believe that when they are taken together as a whole they make a strong case. I am not, however, giving up on looking for solid evidence as to the parents of Aaron Hendon. What I am doing is looking for concrete documentation that Elijah Hendon and Sally Phillips are Aaron Hendon's parents.


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