John Madison Hendon and Some of His Descendants
[Contributed by Janella Hendon and Paula Hendon. Posted 7 August 1999.]

The following tree shows the pedigree of John Madison Hendon and some of his descendants, including all those shown or mentioned on this page. The numbers preceding the names indicate generation. Abbreviations: b = born, d = died, m = married, sp = spouse.

1 Josias Hendon (b 1701, probably England)
  sp Hannah Robinson (b 1707, Middlesex Co., Va.; d 1751, Baltimore Co., Md.)
      m 1723, Baltimore Co., Md.
  2 James Hendon (b 1729, Baltimore Co., Md.; d 1791, Wake Co., N.C.)
    sp Hannah Norris (b. 16 Jul 1727, Baltimore Co., Md.; d before 1791, Wake Co., N.C.)
        m 7 Feb 1754, Baltimore Co., Md.
    3 Isham C. Hendon (b 1755, St. John's Parish, Md.; d 1799, Jackson Co., Ga.)
      sp Patience (surname unknown; b about 1760, N.C.; d 1812, Jackson Co., Ga.)
          m 1776, N.C.
      4 Elijah Hendon (b 1787, Oglethorpe Co., Ga.; d 20 Feb 1971, Calhoun Co., Ala.)
        sp Sarah E. Phillips (b 1799, Ga.; d about 1890, Ala.)
            m 25 Apr 1821, Putnam Co., Ga.
        5 John Madison Hendon (b abt 1837, Cherokee Co., Ga.; d 1936)
          sp Elizabeth Baker, m 29 Jan 1857
          6 William David Hendon (b 2 Feb 1868, Ala.; d 6 Jul 1955, Borger, Tex.)
            sp Sarah Luella Bryant (2nd wife) (b 1 Jan 1971, Montgomery, Ala.?; d 14 Jun 1934)
                m 1 Jan 1893 near Montgomery, Ala.
            7 Eva Mae Hendon (b 10 Oct 1893 near Mineola, Wood Co., Tex.; d 18 Sep 1986,
                Stephenville, Erath Co., Tex.)
              sp W. L. Howell (b 1892 or 1893; d 29 Dec 1970)
            7 Wesley Edward Hendon (b 24 Jan 1896 near Glen Rose, Somerville Co., Tex.;
                  d 16 Mar 1980, Temple, Tex.)
              sp Effie May Davis (b 25 Jan 1905; d 19 May 1993) m 17 Aug 1932
              8 Ardenia Marie Hendon
              8 Garvin Elmer Hendon
              8 Darrell Davis Hendon (b 15 Jun 1941, Gorman, Tex.; d 18 May 1997)
                sp Dorothy Ann Day, m Jun 1961
                9 Timothy Mark Hendon
                9 Paula Kay Hendon
                9 Dave Brian Hendon
                9 Steven Lynn Hendon
            7 Mary Ellen Hendon (d 1943 or 1944, Ariz.)
              sp Hall Snellings
            7 Jerry Eber Hendon (b 5 Feb 1903, Erath Co., Tex.; d 2 Dec 1981)
              sp Mattie Ruth Garett (b 2 Sep 1902; d May 1993)


John Madison Hendon (also called James Hendon) fought on the Confederate side in the Civil War. In his old age he moved to Texas to live with his son, William David. He is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Hood County, Texas.

John Madison Hendon's son, William David ("Billy") Hendon, as an old man. He married his second wife, Sarah ("Sally") Luella Bryant, on 1 January 1893, as they were starting the trek from Alabama to Texas; it was Sally's 22nd birthday. He was a tenant farmer in Texas. He is buried  in Oak Dale Cemetery, Oak Dale, Erath County, Texas.

The four children of William David and Sarah Hendon, arranged in order of age from left to right: Eva Mae, Wesley Edward, Mary Ellen, and Jerry Eber. Eva Mae ("Evie") was born when her parents had arrived in the vicinity of Mineola, Wood Co., Texas, on their journey from Alabama to Texas.

Wesley Edward Hendon, shown here in uniform, served in France during World War I. He was a farmer and dairyman.  Both he and his wife, Effie Mae Davis, are buried in Oak Dale Cemetery, Erath County, Texas.

Darrell Davis Hendon, the youngest child of Wesley Edward Hendon and Effie Mae Davis. He worked for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. He is buried in Erath Gardens of Memory, Stephenville, Texas.