Solomon Hendon has been a mystery because his name appears on very few documents. His was evidently named for his distant great-grand uncle, Solomon Henden, a clergyman who died in Wales in 1745. Various records refer to Solomon as 'Solomon Y. Hendon', 'S. T. Hendon', and 'Soloman T. Hendon.' (*The “Y” was actually “T”)

I believe Solomon was the son of James Hendon and Elizabeth Andrews. James Hendon was the son of Isham Hendon and Keziah Johnson. Solomon was born (probably) in Wake County, North Carolina circa 1798. "Solomon Hendon" appeared in Marriages of Wake County, NC (Holcomb) page 144, David Honeycutt married Temperance Ragan 15 Jan 1821 and Solomon was the bondsman. Then, Solomon was enumerated in Pitt County, North Carolina in 1830: one male 30-40 (Solomon) and two females 20-30 (Solomon had one sister that we know of, "Winney", born ca 1805). 

Solomon moved to Texas, probably in the mid-1830s, and married a widow, Mrs. Catherine McKinzy (McKinsey) in Nacogdoches County on 10 Mar 1839. Subsequent research reveals that Catherine’s maiden name was GILCHREST (Gilchrist), born 18 Sep 1804 in North Carolina. She likely married Mr. McKinsey in that state and moved to Texas during the great migration begun by Stephen F. Austin. A son born about 1833 in Arkansas indicates they were probably in that state for a few years before arriving in Texas.

Other Nacogdoches County Records: (became Cherokee County in 1846)
Solomon included on the 1839 and 1840 taxlists.
Solomon was identified as the father of Jane Odom, 1914 death certificate.
Solomon was identified as the father of James M. Hendon, 1929 death certificate
Solomon received a Land Patient, 640 acres, 6 Jul 1854

1850 Census, Decatur County, Tennessee, Dwelling # 32   

S T Henden                M         52y        NC
Catharine Henden      F          46y        NC
Mary E.F. Henden      F          10y        TX
Tellitha J. Henden      F            5y        TN
James M Henden      M           1y         TN
Elizabeth White         F          14y         TN
Tellitha White             F          12y         TN
Elizar White               F            5y         TN
George W. Mckenis   M         17y         AR     

The three “White” girls were probably Catherine’s nieces. Notice that one of them was 12-year-old “Telitha”; Catherine had a 5-year-old daughter “Telitha”. It should also be noted that two doors away was Family #30 was Duncan (age 75) and Effa (age 74) Gilchrist and family. Duncan and Effa were North Carolina native, probably Catherine’s parents. Also, the last person in the household was 17-year-old George W. Mckenis (?), Catherine’s son from her first marriage. George was born circa 1833 in Arkansas.

Solomon Hendon died within a few years of the 1850 census, because Catherine married a widower, Martin F. Wade, by 1860, when they were enumerated as husband and wife. I have not yet identified Solomon’s burial place in Decatur County. Note: Did Solomon go back to Texas before he died? He secured a 640 acre land                patient in Cherokee County, Texas on 6 Jun 1854.

1860 Census, Decatur County, Tennessee, Dw
elling #846

M Wade           M          45         VA        (Martin F Wade)
C Wade            F          51         NC        (Catherine Hendon Wade)
E Hendon        F           20         TX        (Elizabeth Hendon)
S A Wade        F           17         TN        (Martin’s daughter)
M A Wade      F            14         TN         (Martin’s daughter)
T J Hendon     F           15         TN        (Telithia Hendon)
J M Hendon   M           12         TN         (James M. Hendon)
N Wade          M           43         NC        (Martin’s brother ?)

In 1870, Catherine and her children were still in Decatur County, Tennessee:

Martin F Wade              62           VA
Catharine Wade            64          NC
Sarah A Wade              25           TN
Matt M Wade                23           TN
Elizabeth Handon          28          TX
Telitha Handon              23          TN
James M Handon          22          TN

Martin F. Wade died after the 1870 census and Catherine soon returned to Texas with her children.  

1880 Census, Cherokee County, Texas

Catherine Wade             (75)          TX
“Lizzie” Hendon              (38)         TX
“Jane”   Hendon             (33)         TN
Matt Wade                     (33)          TN

Catherine Gilchrist Hendon died 17 Jan 1898 and is buried at Salem Cemetery, Cherokee County, Texas.

Solomon T. and Catherine (Gilchrist) Hendon's Children

Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hendon – Born 30 Jan 1840, Nacogdoches County, Texas; died 2 Jan 1892; buried Salem Cemetery, Cherokee County, Texas. Lizzie never married and had no issue. 

Telitha Jane Hendon – Born 6 Jun 1845, Decatur County, Tennessee; married Cornelius George Odom on  6 Nov 1895 in Cherokee County, Texas; Talitha died 30 Dec 1917;  Buried at Salem Cemetery, Cherokee County, Texas. C. G. Odom died 10 Sep 1914 and is also buried at Salem Cemetery. Talitha had no issue.

James M. Hendon – Born 13 Feb 1848, Decatur County, Tennessee; married Matilda Logan on 8 Mar 1877 in Cherokee County, Texas; James died 2 Jan 1929 and is buried at Salem Cemetery, Cherokee County, Texas; Matilda died 26 Jan 1912 and is buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Cherokee County, Texas. One child: Charles F. Hendon, 22 Mar 1879 - 11 Sep 1882, also buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery.