William J. Hendon

son of Harris Hendon and his second wife, Cynthia Dean

William J. Hendon, son of Harris Hendon and Cynthia L. Dean, was born in Lawrence County, Alabama circa 1835. He has been a huge brickwall because he only appeared on one U S Census:

1850 Census, District 8, Lawrence County, Alabama
Harris Hendon                        45                 GA
Mary Hendon                          36                 TN
Thomas B Hendon                 22                  AL
John T Hendon                      19                  AL
Martha Hendon                       17                 AL 
William Hendon                      15                 AL     (William J.)
Wiley Hendon                         14                 AL     (Wiley J. )
Rebecca Hendon                    11                 AL
James Hendon                        10                 AL    (James A.)
Reuben Hendon                        7                 AL    (Reuben Hilliard)
Thomas Roberts                     11
                    AL       (Thomas Wiley)

William dropped out of sight until he enlisted in the Confederate Army at Camp Moore, Louisiana on 29 Sep 1861. He was assigned to the 16th Louisiana Infantry Regiment, CO. C. (Caddo

From Bergeron, La. Confed. Units, 112-13: "This regiment was organized at Camp Moore on September 29, 1861, with 851 men. The regiment moved to New Orleans and spent the winter at Camp Benjamin. In February, 1862, the regiment went to Corinth, Mississippi, as part of General Daniel Ruggles' brigade. The regiment took 330 men into the Battle of Shiloh, April 6, and suffered 90 casualties during the attack.
On May 9, the men fought in an engagement at Farmington, Mississippi; 14 men were killed or wounded. The regiment was part of General Daniel W. Adams' Louisiana brigade during the invasion of Kentucky, August-October.  On October 8, the men participated in the Battle of Perryville and apparently had few casualties. The army went into winter quarters at Tullahoma, Tennessee. Near there, General Braxton Bragg consolidated the regiment into five companies and merged it with the 25th Louisiana Regiment on November 30, 1862 [16th-25th Regiment Infantry]. Even though the officers of both regiments were part of a new unit, they received promotions as though they were still in their original regiments. On February 3, 1865, the consolidated unit was broken up, and the remnants of the 16th Louisiana were combined with those of the 1st Louisiana Regulars and 20th Louisiana Regiment. The men fought in the Siege of Spanish Fort, Alabama, March 27-April 8.  Following the evacuation of Mobile, the men of the 16th Louisiana were placed in a new consolidated unit called the Chalmette Regiment; they surrendered with it at Gaineville on May 8, 1865"

Pvt. William J. Hendon "Was present on Rolls to Feb 1862. On Hospital Register, Admitted to 1st MS. C. S. A. Hospital, Jackson, MS., April 6, 1862; present on Roll for June and July, 1862; Absent, in Interior Hospital Rolls to Feb. 28, 1863; Absent, at Okolona Hospital, MS.; he died at Okolona Hospital, Chickasaw County, Mississippi in Mar 1863."   https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/13121158/william-j_-hendon

William apparently married Mary Ann Rozell  about 1859. Mary was the daughter of William Rite Rozell and Mary M. Long. "Mary A. Hendon" was enumerated with another Rozell Family (probably relatives) in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana in 1860. That record (below) indicates that Mary was 17 years of age and born in Carroll County, Mississippi. Note: her 'property' was valued at $100.         
William J. and Mary Ann Hendon had one child, Elam Harris Hendon, born 14 Jul 1861, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. The date and place came from Elam Harris Hendon's Draft  Registration card, his tombstone and his burial records. The 25 year-old widow, Mary Ann Hendon, was residing with her parents in Carroll County, Mississippi in 1870. The Rozells moved to Crawford County, Arkansas ca 1871 because Mary married second, Judge James Withers Sangster,on 4 Jul 1871 at Van Buren, Crawford County, Arkansas. Mary Rozell Sangster died in 1891. She, her husband James Sangster, and both her parents are buried at Sangster Cemetery, Crawford County, Arkansas. SEE: https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2259084/sangster-cemetery
Elam Harris Hendon

Elam married Martha Ann 'Mattie' Howard in Limestone County, Texas on 13 Nov 1881. Mattie, daughter of Samuel and Francis Howard, was
born in Randolph County, Georgia 8 Jan 1867.
I have not found Elam H. Hendon, on any 1870 or 1880 census.

"E H" Hendon was included in the Taxpayers of Angelina County, Texas in 1896.
Then, by 1900, he had moved his family to nearby Leon County..

1900 Census, Justice Precinct 5, Leon County, Texas

Head                  Elam H Hendon                             M                 39           Louisiana
Wife                   Martha Ann Hendon                     F                  33            Alabama
I have not found Elam H. Hendon, on the 1870 and 1880 census.
Son                   Thomas V Hendon                        M                 17            Texas
Daughter           Minnie E Hendon                          F                  13            Texas
Daughter           Wilma Hendon                              F                  11            Texas
Daughter           Mary B Hendon                             F                  10            Texas
Son                   Emmet S Hendon                          M                   8            Texas
Daughter           Eula M Hendon                             F                    6            Texas

  In 1910, Elam and family were residing in Harris County, Texas
 E H Hendon         Head     M                   47           Louisiana
 Mattie Hendon     Wife     F                     43           Alabama
 Penney Hendon   Dau.     F                     19          Texas          
(Mary Burney)

 Emit Hendon        Son     M                     17          Texas
 Eula Hendon        Dau.     F                     15          Texas

 In 1920, Elam and Mattie were still living in Justice Precinct 4, Harris County, Texas
  Elam H Hendon    Head   M                     58           Louisiana
 Mattie Hendon     Wife     F                     52            Alabama

 On most census records, Elam Harris listed his occupation as 'oilfield freight contractor'.

 Mattie (Howard) Hendon died in Harris County on 11 Mar 1920. Elam married second, a widow, Alice (Roark)  Franklin in Harris County, Texas on 15 Mar 1921.
Elam Harris Hendon and second wife Alice Franklin Hendon, circa 1940..

Elam and his second wife were still enumerated on the 1930 and 1940 censuses of Harris County, Texas, but Elam died there on 14 Feb 1947. After Elam's passing, Alice moved to Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, where she died on 14 Apr 1950. Alice, Elam and Mattie, along with some of their children are buried at Humble Cemetery, https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/173126/humble-cemetery.

Children of Elam Harris Hendon

Thomas V. Hendon - born 22 Feb 1883, Limestone County, Texas; married Kitty (Kittie) C. Hanley circa 1905; died Feb 1970, Harris County, Texas. Kitty Hanley, a Texas native, was born 3 Oct 1887 and died 9 Apr 1932 at Humble, Harris County, Texas. Both are buried at Humble Cemetery, Harris County, Texas.

Children of Thomas V. Hendon
Jewell Hendon - born circa 1906, Robertson County, Texas; married Ellis Warren Rinard in 1926, Eastland County, Texas. Jewell and Ellis moved to Adams County, Mississippi after the 1940 Census. Jewell Hendon Rinard died at Nachez, Adams County, MS in 1993; Ellis Warren Rinard predeceased his wife, dying in 1957. Both are buried at Greenlawn Memorial Park. Two children.

Annie F. Hendon - born circa 1908, Leon County, Texas.

Allie F. Hendon - born 19 Nov 1910, Harris County, Texas; married Verble Leroy Mills, Limestone County, Texas in 1928.  Allie lived to be 101 years old, dying on 9 Mar 2012, Katy, Harris County, Texas. Her husband, V. L. Mills, died many years before, 18 Apr 1979, Harris County, Texas. Both are buried at Forest Park Cemetery, Harris County, Texas. Three Children.
Marie Nena Hendon - born 19 Nov 1913, Harris County, Texas; married Joseph Bailey Pogue circa 1930. Joseph B. Pogue was born 8 Oct 1913, Trinity County, Texas and died 8 Mar 1973 at Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas. Marie Hendon Pogue died 14 Oct 1990, Pearland, Brazoria County, Texas. They are buried at South Park Cemetery, Pearland, Brazoria County, Texas. Three children.

Elam Harris Hendon - Elam H. Hendon, obviously named for his grandfather, was born in Harris County, Texas on 5 May 1916. He married Anna Josephine Izbicki circa 1940. Anna, a native of Boston, Massachusetts, was born 15 Oct 1916 and died 7 Jan 1994, San Diego, California. ENC Elam H. Hendon, was a 32 year veteran of the U S Navy, serving in WWII and Korea. Elam died 10 Jan 2014 after living 98 years! Both Elam And Anna hendon are buried at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, California. Two children.

Edna E. Hendon
- born circa 1920, Harris County, Texas

Albert P. Hendon
- born 9 Dec 1925, Harris County, Texas; married Jesse L. Rainer 18 Mar 1988, Jefferson County, Texas.

Minnie Evelyn Hendon
-  born 7 Apr 1887, Groesbeck, Limestone County, Texas; married Wash Jones Bardin. Wash Jones was born 17 Oct
1882 and died 19 Jun 1926, Goose Creek, Harris County, Texas.
Minnie Hendon Bardin died 13 Feb 1980, Baytown, Harris County, Texas. Both are buried at Hill of Rest Cemetery, Baytown, Harris County, Texas. One son, Harris Hendon Bardin, died on Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands during WWII.

Wilma Corrine Hendon - born 16 Feb 1889, married a Mr. Brown; died 22 Jun 1961, Humble, Harris County, Texas. She is buried at Brookside Memorial Park, Houston, Harris County, Texas

Baby Girl Hendon - a twin, born and died 11 Dec 1890, Limestone County, Texas. She is buried there at Sansom Cemetery.

Mary Burney Hendon - born 11 Dec 1890, Limestone County, Texas; married William Dock Henley, who was born 3 Aug 1889 and died 16 Jan 1934, Humble, Harris County, Texas. Mary B. Hendon Henley died 25 Apr 1980. Both are buried at Humble Cemetery, Harris County, Texas. Three Children.

Samuel Emmett Hendon - born 30 Nov 1893, Limestone County, Texas; Samuel married Jewel Leah Bryant 20 Apr 1913 in Robertson County, Texas. Jewell L. Bryant was born 31 Mar 1897 and died 16 Feb 1986, Fayette County, Texas. Samuel Hendon predeceased his wife by many years, dying 7 Feb 1950 in Harris County, Texas.  Samuel is buried at Humble Cemetery, Harris County, Texas, while Jewell is buried at Forest Park Cemetery, Harris County, Texas. Two sons, R. D. and Samuel Emmett Jr.  

Sons of Samuel Emmett Hendon

Rigsby Durwood "R D" Hendon - born 5 Mar 1915, Robertson Counrty, Texas; married Bessie Marie Cotham, born 20 Oct 1916, St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana. She died in Harris County, Texas, 14 Dec 1999.  

R. D. Hendon worked in the Texas oilfields until the early 1950s, when he became a 'Texas Swing' musician.         
He and his band had a loyal following in the Houston area. They made a few records which are still prized by collectors, but they mainly played in clubs and 'beer joints.'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  R. D. Hendon --->

"R. D." was an unhappy, troubled soul. On 6 Sep 1956,  he committed suicide by inhaling natural gas. According to the death certificate, he had attempted to end his life several times. He is buried at Forest Park Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, Texas. Bessie Marie (Cotham) Hendon is buried at Brookside Memorial Park, Houston, Harris County, Texas. Two sons who are now deceased.

Eula Maude Hendon -  born 2 Jul 1894. She married Thomas Latimer Sandlin on 10 Jul 1911 in Harris County, Texas. At just twenty five years of age, Thomas Sandlin died 25 Aug 1917 in Harris County, Texas. This was about the time of the Great Influenza Epidimic, which could be the cause of his premature death. Thomas L. Sandlin is buried at Ramah Cemetery, Tenaha, Shelby County, Texas. One Son.
Eula married second, John Thomas Graham,
on 2 Dec 1918 in Harris County, Texas. Tom Graham was born 28 Dec 1885 in Henderson County, Texas and died 10 Feb 1969, Thorndale, Milam County, Texas. Eula Hendon Graham died 22 Jul 1990, Humble, Harris County. Both
are buried at Brookside Memorial Park, Houston, Harris County, Texas. Four children.