son of Josiah A. Hendon and Mary Hawkins Pennington

                                                                                                                                                Note: John C. Hendon never married and had no issue

I, John C. Hendon, of the town of Shelbyville, in the state of Tennessee, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do, on this 15th day of May, 1918, make and publish this as my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking any wills heretofore made by me.

Item 1st. I direct the payment of all my just debts, including doctors bills and funeral expenses, the erection of a modest monument at the grave of my mother and a simple marker at my own grave.

Item 2nd. I give and bequeath to my sister, Kate Hendon for and during her natural life, my home place upon I now live about one mile east of the Court House in Shelbyville, Tennessee, lying on the south side of the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis railway, but I burden this estate with the payment of any debts she may owe at the time of her death, including doctors bills and burial expenses, and a simple marker at her grave. I give to my said sister absolutely all the personal property of every kind, character and description of which I may die the owner.

Item 3rd. I give and bequeath to my niece by marriage, Emma Clark, wife of Charles Lee Clark, subject to the life estate of my said sister Kate Hendon, my home place referred to in the above paragraph, she, my said niece, Emma Clark, is to have this property at the death of my said sister Kate Hendon, burdened however, with the payment of any and all debts owing by my said sister at the time of her death, including doctors bills and funeral expenses and a simple marker at her grave.

Item 4th. I nominate and appoint my Chas. S. Ivie executor of this my last will and testament.
Dated this the 15th day of Maty, 1918.
                                                                                             (signed) John C. Hendon
We the undersigned attach our names as subscribing witnesses hereto in the presence and at the request of testator. The testator signed in our presence, May 15, 1918.
                                                                                               S. G. Butler
                                                                                               H. L. Hanson

    My sister, Kate Hendon, referred to and provided for in item second of my above will having died Sept. 19, 1921. I do now make and publish this as Codicil No. 1 to said original will, dated 15th day of May, 1918 as follows; to wit: I give and bequeath to my nephew Chas. Lee Clark and his wife, Emma Clark, or survivor, all the property, real, personal and mixed of which I may die the owner, burdened with the payment of a mortgage indebtedness owing term, lastly and secured by registered mortgage on my home place in East Shelbyville, upon which I now live, or any portion of said indebtedness by whomsoever owned at the time of my death, and also burdened with the payment of any indebtedness that may be owing by my sister Kate Hendon, and any indebtedness I may be owing to anyone growing out of my death and burial, or otherwise owing, including the cost of erecting a neat by simple marker or monument at my grave and that of my dead sister Kate Hendon, together with any cost incident to the administration to my estate.

This property now devised them, the said Chas. Lee Clarke and wife Emma Clarke or survivors shall be their absolute in fee simple. This Codicil Annuls Item 3 of Will.

This provision made for them because of the fact that for several years they have supported for me and my sister in a very tender and considerate way, and will as I believe, continue to administer to my own wants and needs, not a very easy task on account of my physical infirmities. Underlining made before signing this October 11th, 1927.
                                                                                                               (signed) John C. Hendon

The above Codicil was signed by the testator
in our presence and we have signed at his
request as attesting witnesses thereto, in his
presence and in the presence of each other.
This Oct. 11th, 1921.

S G Butler
H L Hanson

State of Tennessee, County of Bedford.
I, M B King, clerk of the county court of said county, do hereby certify that the foregoing and above
Is a full, true and complete copy of the last will and testament, with Codicil thereto, as was proven by
The testimony of S G Butler and H L Hanson, the subscribing witnesses thereto, at April 28th 1924 term of this court and admitted to probate ordered to be recorded as is shown by the minutes of the court.

And by the orginal will now on file in my office. Witness my hand, at office, in Shelbyville, Tenn. this
The 28th April, 1923.
                                                                                                                                             M B King, Clerk