Rolvenden, Kent, England

NOTE: This John Henden, born 1598, was the son of Symon Henden and Joan Barrett.
Therefore, he was the great great uncle of our Josias and Richard Hendon. He died without issue.


John Henden, of Rolvenden, yoeman, being sicke and weake of body but of sound and perfect mind (removed out of the Parlour chamber into the Hall chamber and being layd down upon his bedd) on Monday morning the seaventeenth of April 1654, he uttered and spake theise or the like wordes in effect.

Touching the Deposing of my Estate both reall and personall as follows:

Well I know you all there is, goode Milsted, Mary Hammond, John Hammond and Elizabeth Tanner. This is my Will. Well, Moll, I shall not live; have a care and burie me well; Lett them have cake and beare and sacke. Theres my Land, thou shall have the proffitt and rente of it during thy life and if thou hast a childe it is thine and thy childes; they can not keepe thee from itt. But and if thy childe die, then when thou dyest it shall returne and goes to my brother Robin. And for my goods I ever meant it thee and thou shalt have it paying of my debts; prey the, wife, lett John Hammond have my oulde cloathes.

Witnesses:   John Hammond;   Elizabeth Milsted;   Mary Hammond

ADMINISTRATION, with the Will annexed, London, 18 May 1654 to Mary Henden, the relict, the principal legatee.