Will of Joseph Hendon

Son of Richard

Baltimore County, Maryland

NOTE: This will of Joseph Hendon, son of Richard, is certainly suggestive that the Family was expecting an inheritance from England. It is quite probable that Joseph considers himself the eldest son of an eldest son.

"In the name of God, Amen.  I, Joseph Hendon of Baltimore County, in the Province of Maryland, being of sound and despiring mind end memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner following imprimis. I reconnnend my immortal soul to the mercy of Almighty God, and my body I ordain to be decently and, in a Christian manner, buried at the discretion of my executor, hereafter named, and
as for my worldly estate, I dispose thereof as followeth:

Item: I give and bequeath and devise unto my loving daughter, Dinah Hendon, one negroe girl called Mary, to be paid to her at the age of sixteen years, with her first child to my loving son, Benjamin Hendon, if it should live six months, and if not, the second child to be paid to
him at the age of twenty-one years.

Item: I give, bequesth, and devise unto my loving son, Benjamin Hendon, the best feather bed furniture belonging to it, to be paid to him at
and further my Will and Desire is after all my the age of twenty-one years, just debts and legacies are paid that all the rest and residue of my estate, of what nature or kind whatsoever, either in this Province, In England, or elsewhere, be equally divided between my loving wife, MaryHendon, and my loving son, Benjamin Hendon, and my loving daughter, Dinah , and lastly I make, afford and ordain my good wife, Mary Hendon, Executor of this my last Will and Testament, hereby pronouncing all former wills made or said to be made by me. In witness whereof,
I have herewith set my hand and seal this 31st day of January 1760.

 Sealed, signed, published, pronounced and delivered in the presence of:

Joseph Hendon (his mark)
Henry Enlov (his mark)
Henry Bennett Darnell

The widow abides by the Devise in the Will and Renounces her thirds.

March 10th, 1760, Henry Bennett Darnall and Henry Enlov, two of the subsiding witnesses to the within will, made rath on the Holy Evangelist
of Almighty God that they saw the Testator, Joseph Hendon, sign the within will, and heard him publish and declare the same to be his last will and testament. That at the time of his so doing, he was, to the best of their apprehension, of sound and disposing mind and memory, that they subscribed their respective names as witnesses thus.

Sworn before:    A. Young    D. Conny    Baltimore County