Son of Benjamin Hendon and Sophia Marsh

Copy of actual Will - 1853

                           Joshua Hendons's Will

I Joshua Hendon of Jefferson County, Ohio, being weak in body but of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testameny, in manner and form following VIZ.

First, My will is that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon as may be after my decease out of my ready money.

2nd, I desire that the proceeds of all my property after defraying all necessary expenses, be applied toward extinguishing
the debts on the farm purchased from David Hall, as the payments may become due according to the contract, as per the articles of purchase, until all is paid and the said farm, together with my farm in Guernsey County
be sold by my executors
to hereafter named and the money arising there from to be devided amongst my first wife's children in the following manner, VIZ... I leave Benjamin Hendon three hundred and fifty (350) dollars; Hezekiah, three hundred fifty (350) dollars; the remainder to be equally divided share and share alike between James, Mary, Eleanor, and Rebecca, Excepth Mary Reber is to have the interest only of her portion during the life time of her husband Reuben Reber, the principle to be secured by mortgage, or other sufficient security, and if she should survive him, she is to have it in her own right, otherwise it is to be for her children.

It is my desire, if at the expiration of after sixteen years, or a longer time, but not to exceed twenty years from the time of my decease, my two sons, John and Oliver, should be in circumstances to enable them pay portions of each of the heirs, that a just evaluation be had on the homestead farm,
and they the said John and Oliver have the election to take it or refuse it at said evaluation, and moreover that the amount of said evaluation be equally devided among all my children,
share and share alike, and that the said John and Oliver....

Joshua Hendon's Will Cont....

pay out to each of the heirs, their respective portions.

It is my desire
that the coopering should be carried on, under the direction of my Executors, to be hereafter named or by some suitable person appointed by them, as heretofore, so long as the same may be profitable.

I hereby constitute and appoint my son James Hendon, and my friend William Thompson, of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all will or wills by me made.

It is my desire
that the stock, farming utensils, household goods and furniture remain on the farm and in the house as they now are for the use of the farm (?) and the surplus proceeds be applied to paying the debts on the Hall farm afordsaid.

Signed Sealed and declared by the aforesaid Joshua Hendon to be his last will and testament, thereby revoking all former will or wills by me made, in the presence of us this third day of October A. D. 1853.
Evan Lewis                               Joshua Hendon
John Hawthorn

The State of Ohio 
}                           Probate Court
Jefferson County
   }                                    October 31st. A. D. 1853

I  John Hawthorn having been duly sworn by the Judge of the Probate Court of said County, do solumnily swear that I was present at the execution of the Last Will and Testament of
Joshua Hendon, late of the township of Mount Pleasant, in said county deceased, with will is now exhibited to me, that I saw the Testator at the time of Executing was of full age and sound mind and memory and not under
any restraint, and that I attended and subscribed the Same in his person, and in the presence of the Attny (?).

                                                                                                                John Hawthorn
Sworn to and subscribed before me}
this day and year above written       }
John K. Sutherland P A                    }