Wake County, North Carolina

Son of James Olive

Husband of Elizabeth Hendon


In the Name of God Amen I William Olive, Senr., of the County of Wake & State of North Carolina Being in a low State of Health in body, but sound sense & memory thanks Be to Almighty God for the same & calling to mind that it is appointed unto men once to die do make this my last will And Testament -----

Ist I give my body to the Earth to be buried in Christian Burial At the discretion of my Executor, and as Touching my Worldly Estate wherein it hath pleased Almighty God to Bless me I do dispose off in the following manner-----.

Ist I give and bequeath unto my Grand children, to wit, James, Lorran, William Gaston, Chesley Orran, Lorryan, Caroline and Marel Olive, Being the children of my son Merril Olive deceased, Six Hundred & forty acres of Land whereon I Now live be the same more or less Equally to be divided amongst five grandchildren forever. And Elizabeth (Penny) Olive to have her dower during her natural life or Widowhood Being the Widow of my son Merrill Olive deceased------

2nd I give and bequeath unto my Grand children being the heirs of my daugbter Elizabeth Lashley to wit, Gilly, Siddy and Anderson Lashley Ten dollars for each one making the Sum of Thirty dollars to them & their heirs forever ----

3rd All the ballance or residue of my Estate that I have not given away by possession heretofore including my Lands in Chatham County and my Negroes & stock and household & kitchen furniture & property of every Description to be sold and the money arising from such sales after paying all my just debts to be Equally divided amongst my children hereafter mentioned  To wit, My son James Olive and my son Isham Olive And to the heirs of my son William Olive deceased (to wit) Kiddy, Louise, Harriett, Polley, Merril and Elizabeth Olive Being my grand children of William Olive deceased. Which said children I constitute in the place of said William Olive As an heir in his place for his part ----

And to my son Howell Olive and to my daughter Salley Jones and to my daughter Ridia Utley and my daughter Siddia Richardson and to my daughter Liddia Hopson forever with the negros and their increase heretofore given to them, to wit, Ruth to Salley Jones, Charlot to Giddy Richardson, Charity to Ridia Utley and Mariah to Liddia Hopson and their increase forever, And to the children of my son Merrill Olive deceased in his place as afore mentioned for sd, Merilll Olives part in said Residue of my Estate to them and their heirs forever-----

4th And I do hereby constitute my worthy friend Jesse Howell and my son Howell Olive and My son in law Thos. Richarson and my son in law Martin Jones my executors of this My Last Will and Testament in Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my Seal This the 30th day of April in the year of our Lord 1827------

Assigned a acknowledged
 In the presence of us
 Jesse Howell Jurat·
 Isaac (X his mark) Beckwith Jr.                                                                        Jurat                                                                                                           William  (X-MARK) Olive  (Seal)