William Hendon Family Bible Records

Son of Josiah Hendon and Margaret Jones

These records for the William Hendon family were found in the Joseph Richard Kemp family bible. Sondra West, a descendant of Joseph R. Kemp, was kind enough to send these records to me for inclusion here.

William Hendon married twice: first to Sarah Jane Salter (29 Dec 1807), but after just years of marriage, Sarah died; his second marriage was to Sarah Ann Lock (30 Jun 1812). William and his wives had six children total. Sadly, three of the children died before reaching age 17.

Actual Pages are difficult to read, so transcribed version follows:
                                     # one                                                                                             # two                                                                                         # three                                                                   # four

(1.) Wlliam Hendon was born 28th of Feb 1783 and departed this life on March 16th 1824, aged 41 years 17 days.

(1.) Sarah Jane Hendon departed this life October 5th 1824, aged 36 years 8 months 8 days.

(2.) Eliza Ann Hendon,late wife of Mr. John Cromartie of the state of Florida, died June 22nd 1857 in her 44th year.

(3.) William Hendon was joined in wedlock with Sarah Ann Salter the 29th Dec 1807.

(3.) Mary Hendon, daughter to William and Sarah Ann Hendon was born the 14th Oct 1808.

(3.) Josiah Richard Hendon was born March 12th 1810.

(3.) Sarah A. Hendon (wife) departed this life Sept 23rd 1811, aged ? and 16 days.

(4.) William Hendon was joined in wedlock with Sarah Ann Lock, June 30 1812.

(4.) Elizabeth Hendon, daughter of Wm. & Sally Hendon was born August 10th 1813.

(4.) Margaret Ann Hendon was born January 1st 1815.

(4.) Sarah Jane Hendon was born January 28th 1817.

(4.) William James Hendon was born May 14th 1819.